Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Grown Up Friends!

Yes! I actually have grown up friends!
This is my birthday club!

We have been celebrating our Birthday's together for over 15 years!
We met randomly through the YMC* children's activities, neighborhoods and previous jobs.

We have supported each other through births, deaths, graduations, adoptions, weddings, divorces, deployment, unemployment and the list goes on...

I feel very blessed to have this group if friends!
They are so much FUN!
They are so supportive!

We get together for each of our birthdays AND we have emergency meetings when we need too!

We are not all exactly alike- which is so wonderful!
I am the one that has adopted and has the extra large family.
Two are exercise buffs and health fanatics.
One is an artist and another is a designer with her own company.
Another one works in a medical clinic and she most likely runs the whole thing- she is so capable and a hard worker!
Two are working in the school systems- a music teacher and a librarian! Plus there is so much more to each one of these incredible ladies!

Did I mention I was the youngest of the group?

They all have beautiful singing voices!
It's so not fair!
God? What were you thinking? You knew I would be part of this group long ago? You know I have prayed for a good, or even a decent singing voice since the day I discovered the Osm*nd Brothers!
I try to do a make up for my lack of a singing voice through a little harmony, whistle or hummmm the tune!

Did I mention I was the youngest of the group?

We all have a Christian faith!

And we are really good at playing the recorder... well maybe kinda... not...

Jody the second from the left had a tendency to play toooooo loud...

Our instructor- the one on the piano said 
posture, position, support
posture, position, support
posture, position, support!
use your tongue
and quiet is better!

I am blessed... We are blessed!
We all plan to live in the same elderly community TOGETHER (when the time comes)!

Did I mention... I was the youngest!
The baby of the group!

Last night we were together for Jill's B-day!
It was a BIG ONE!
Not telling which one it was... just that it was a BIG ONE!

She is a budding artist so we went to the local art center - had appetizers and sparkling grape juice (they nixed the wine/ champagne idea)! 
Then we made vases, except me...
 miss practical, homeschooling Momma of many made a "pencil holder"...

I know, I know

I'm just LUCKY they still let me be part of the group!

Did I mention...

Ya, I think I may have...

IF I mention it one more time...

I may not be part of the group!


Nancy said...

Love your sense of humor Jean! I'm glad you have such a fun and supportive group of women to hang out with. Did you know you are the youngest in the group? hee hee

Sarah said...

What a great group of ladies. It's such a blessing to have special friends.

Mama Fish said...

Jean- You crack me up! You will be lucky if they let you stay in the group! lol! And poor Jill, did you know the BIG birthday number is on her beret?? Love the photos of you and your friends!

Holly said...

LOL! Love it, Jean! : )

Matilda Joyce said...

They don't make the youngest wear a hat with everyone else??

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Bahahaha! That sounds like SO MUCH FUN, Jean!

Now let's see, are you the youngest of the group?


Jennifer P said...

Awesome sisterhood! How about those traveling pants....? haha

The Heald Family said...

YOU are SO funny:)))
I love it - great idea!
We all need good friends who are encouraging and willing to live with us in an assisted living home one day!
love ya............Cathy