Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Turn!

Many of the children have had surgeries or procedures under anesthesia and have then slept with Mom and Dad!
Anna was the first home so she slept with us for bonding.
Sarah had her turn for 4 months, for bonding.
Sam because of his surgeries.
Abby because of her procedures.
Emma and Ellie did not get a turn because there were two of them and they were quite comfortable in the same room as Sarah and Anna- they will be next! One at a time that is!

But this time was Ava's turn!
She was so excited!
I mean so so so excited!
I don't think she slept much (which means her parents didn't either)!

And then, of course she had to give a full report this morning on how loud Mom and Dad snore!
Thanks honey!

After his heart surgery this little guy claimed his spot!

He owned it and had no intentions of moving out!
He thought it was quite cozy!

So when we went in for his post op appt. we asked the Dr...

Now Dr. is Luke ready to sleep in his own bed. I looked straight into his eyes as I was shaking my head up and down yes.

He looked at me a little oddly than went along with it!
Yes, yes, now is the time! Luke is ready to sleep in his own bed!

Thank you doctor!
Did you hear that Luke?
No response... completely ignored us...

5 minutes later we went through the whole scenario again!

Did you hear that Luke?
He muttered back to us in a very quiet low voice, with no eye contact,

Of course, now Penny saw all the excitement and had to have her turn too!

I think I gonna need a nap!


Sally-Girl! said...

Is that Pittsfield Buff on your bedroom walls I see????

Lori said...


Holly said...

So cute. : )

Nancy said...

Way too cute!

Sarah said...

hehehe...Jean, you make me laugh! I love it!

Jennifer P said...

Love this. Not sure about the dog....LOL but at least you will always have a warm bed!

Sue said...

I usually have at least one kid if not two come into my bed after we all go to sleep. It is very rare that all 4 girls stay in their own bed all night long.

klm said...

haha!! This is great! :)