Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Weekend!

The little children had their first karate tournament on Saturday!
They had so much fun and came home with a lot of hardware!
They see Johnny getting trophies and medals so they were thrilled to finally get their own!

Johnny went to prom this weekend!
There he is with his date...
I mean dates!
Yes, both boys(Will and Johnny) took Gabby to the prom!

The both got her a corsage but...
 I sent the second team(hubby) to the pictures and well, the pics weren't quite what they should have been. (That's just between us!)
Johnny said "Dad spent most of the time talking AND then the camera ran out of batteries..."

I guess that's what happens when it's the 5th time through...
Our poor Luke- he'll be the 13th ;-)

The kids love to go get donuts/ muffins and coffee with Dad in the morning.
They really wanted to have breakfast outside today!
Dad said yes...
I said it's 44 degrees outside honey!
Dad said so they'll eat fast!

They did (eat fast) and loved it!

We went to church with Katie and Andrew this morning it was so nice! The church they are being married in is absolutely beautiful!

Katie helped Sarah do her nails!

They are the sticker kind and look so cute!
Sarah was thrilled!

This weekend we also had recital practice for Ava and Anna, manners classes and 2 MRI's of the brain.
It was a bit busier than usual and I did think maybe we should not go to church this weekend but we ended up going... and everything fell into place- perfectly!
Only God!
And yes, my fleeting thought of skipping church was... well, wrong...

This weekend I came across two children that I remembered from a waiting child list. They were such precious children- quite unforgettable. I had just been wondering IF I would ever be able to find out what happened to them?

And then God led me right to them- it was so cool!

I wish there was a data base so we could see where these precious children are and also see their forever families.

How was your weekend?


Holly said...

Wow, Jean, that was quite a weekend! Love all the pictures. Glad to hear things are going well!

Sally-Girl! said...

Well, for us we were busy well you already know don't cha!!!

Your kids are so cute even when they are doing nothing!!

Susan A said...

loved your pictures of your children :) my weekend... just rested on the Sabbath and on Sunday spent the day on the computer blog-hopping. (no children, that's why) :)

Jo's Corner said...

I am in awe at how Ava has grown and blossomed! Her hair is getting so long and she just glows. Love her sweet smile. Jean, would you do a post about how each child is doing with speaking english? I'm very curious about Ellie and Emma's speech. I felt a bit sad to see Emma not in the photo with the trophies. Have you thought about finding some sports for children with special needs? Love all of the photos!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

It was great- Mandissa concert with our oldest Abigail, and Universal theme parks with the family!!! :) And church of course.

Love seeing your kiddos!!! Sounds like your weekend was really crazy, but good!

Karin said...

I am cracking up at your husband's comment, "So they'll eat fast." Oh my word..that is so funny! :)

David and Janet Hurley said...

Wow- you packed it in. It was 89 degrees here in AL.
Sat we worked outside all day. The kids were the dirtiest they have ever been. We swam for the 1st time Sun afternoon....but I didn't have anyplace to put my camera...the pool is finished, but no deck, etc. yet.