Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All We Ever Do Is...

Party, Party, Party!


We had two more birthdays!

The parties never seem to end at our house!

The children LOVE it when the big kids are here! They just can't get enough of them!

I have been asked by a couple friends how do you converse with other adults(or older children) when their are so many little children that want to be the center of attention.

We take turns talking- sort of!

The littles have an appetizer at the counter while the adults visit in the porch. When the littles migrate into the porch they are welcomed... but the need to let the adults visit. If we didn't have some rules the darlin littles would completely take over and we would never get a chance to visit with our older kids.

Sometimes little children talk just to get attention and they really aren't saying anything.
It just turns into silliness.

Katie and Billy's girlfriend Kelly!

We actually talked to the little children and explained to them what "a conversation" is.
It's when two or more people talk about a topic. One speaks then the other one speaks. The conversation can change topics but both people need to be involved for it to be a "conversation".

It was Andrew's B-day (Katie's fiance).
We feel so blessed to be adding Andrew to our family! We are so happy for them!

It was Mark's birthday, too!

Don't worry- our littles get plenty of time to talk and play. 

They can add to the conversation or they can play in another room.

This is just one of the ways we meet the needs of our children and their varying ages and stages.

As time goes by the conversation morphs into everyone contributing and many small separate conversations.

Emma especially LOVES family gatherings!
And Kelly loves all the children!!

These are my favorite times!

It doesn't matter how long or short they have been home- these are their favorite times too!

Now I have painted a very mature and organized picture of our family gathering
we still have issues...

like the fact that even when the littles behave...




I won't mention any names...

So, I 'm sure your gonna wanna take my advice because as you can see...
we have everything under control here, at our house!

Uh huh!

And yes, Luke has a pink teapot! He's not the least bit concerned about his masculinity!

Sam had a little extra energy and... so did Billy!
Boys just need to wrestle!

There's Emma sporting Katie's engagement ring!

Hubby and Andrew were able to visit amongst the activity!
The more time we spend with him the more we love him!!

These two are so cute together!
Obviously Billy needs a little more time to mature 

Sarah was showing Daddy how to dance!
She has been learning this in her manners classes.

Katie is a little concerned after watching Daddy dance with Sarah...

I understand...
I was at our wedding ;-)

He is an excellent reader... dancer, not so much!

She's thinking a few dance classes with her Daddy may be necessary!

Happy Birthday to our birthday boys!
Andrew and Mark!

As usual the family pic around the birthday boys and the delicious chocolate cake!

Feelin blessed!

(We missed Matt and Caitlin)


Faye Verquer said...

Emma's smile is AWESOME!!! She looks so very very happy.

Happy Birthday to all!

Holly said...

Still waiting to hear WHY you were scanning in photos. I seriously think you need to teach an online class in time management and parenting skills. No joke. But can not rest until we know....why?!?!?

Nancy said...

There are so many smiles!! I'm very happy for Katie, Andrew seems to fit right in. Missing you all - it's been too long. Maybe with summer break coming, we will see you at playgroup?!

kimjax said...

Love all the big smiles, Jean!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Love it!

Oh. So. Wish. our big kids lived in the area. We miss them all so very much!

When our big boys are home . . . they get in way more "trouble" than the little guys . . . or cause the little guys to get into trouble. :)

Hope your week is BLESSED!

Laurel :)