Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bridal Shower for Katie!

It was a big day for Katie... and for me!
My dear friends had a shower for Katie.

It reminded me of my bridal shower. 
My mother's best friend had it and she went all out!

My friends went all out too!

It was so incredibly lovely!
Fresh cut flowers from her garden!
A sit down brunch!
People serving us!

These are Katie's college friends!

And her high school friends!

The setting was beautiful! The weather was perfect!

It was such a wonderful feeling to have so many people we love all together!
It was so joyful!
I can only imagine that we will feel even more love and joy at the wedding!

I never anticipated those feelings but they were so evident as we all gathered, chatted and laughed!

Sweet Katie just glowed! 
This is such an amazing time for a young bride!
God is so good!

Ellie and Sarah joined us! We are having Ellie do more and more things outside of the home.
She struggles with her speech, she is very shy and so inexperienced.
She rose to the occasion and did beautifully!
My wonderful friend (Jean) loves children and helped Ellie with collecting the wrapping paper!

Sarah brought the gifts to Katie to open.

This is so cool! This is an egg and it has a message inside of it.
In order to read the message you have to  
break the egg!

The message was from all the ladies that had the shower!
What will they think of next!

Our kids gave Katie the apron and matching towel!
She will be the cutest cook!

And then she thanked everyone for coming...
and for the wonderful gifts...
and for their love and support...
and my sweet friends for putting on such an incredible bridal shower!

And that microphone is not real...
it's crocheted!
Those ladies are so funny!

Here's our family that attended the shower!
My sister, sister in law, my two nieces, Kate and the two little girls!

Katie's friend Calley is due in 3 days!
I have always dreamed of delivering a baby!
(I was a Labor and Delivery nurse, back in the day!)

But, alas... no baby today!

Katie and Cori have been BFF's since they were born! Yep- honest!
We lived next door to each other!

And here...
are the most incredible woman!

Wow, they really know how to put a shower together!

Thank you dear friends!

I will be joining the work crew for the next event!
They have so much fun together, I want in on the fun!


Sarah said...

What a wonderful day. Katie is beautiful!

a Tonggu Momma said...

This brought a smile to my face - what an exciting time, and so glad so many loved ones were able to gather round the happy bride!

Hanna said...

Thank you for sharing beautiful photos!

Karin said...

What a beautiful shower! How fun that you had such a wonderful day together. :)