Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HaPpY BiRtHdAy AvA!!

And Happy Father's Day Honey!

(I had this post all done... and then erased it, somehow... UGH)

We had a birthday plan and it included sunshine and swimming!
By the time we arrived at the pool there was no sunshine ;-(
It was time for plan B
we did not have a plan B
so we asked the birthday girl!

She chose to have lunch at the pool even though it was raining!

There was no lightening and a few families were still there so we decided to join them
and swim in the rain!!

It was a first for all of us!

The children LOVED it!

The water was cozy warm but a bit chilly on the outside!

Soon everyone left and we had the pool and the lifeguards to ourselves!

And 8 pairs of goggles!
4 children have no clue what to do with them BUT they still want them!
We often leave the pool with missing goggle or extra ones! Sorry to whose ever googles we have!

These two got chilled and needed to warm up!

They were all set to call it a day until they saw that no one else was getting out of the pool.
Their secret plan was foiled so they ended up back in the water!

And they loved it!

The next thing we knew Daddy was in the pool too!

I wanted to go swimming too (wink wink) but someone needed to watch Abby and Luke closely and take pics of our first every birthday party in the rain!

Whenever Dad gets in the pool he's like a kid magnet!

The birthday girl was certain this was the best birthday EVER!

We spent an hour and a half swimming in the rain!

Of course, I was hoping it was going to stop and the sun would come out!
I may have been the only one hoping for that!!

Emma loves the water!

Anna is a fish!

The birthday girl is becoming a very very good swimmer!

Luke is doing great in his swimming lessons!
He is learning fast!!
They were amazed at how well he did at his last swim lesson!

And now onto the Birthday Party!

This is Ava's second birthday at home!
She is such an amazing blessing to us!

Next summer Lottie (name my be changed- that's another post?) will be in the pic and she is smaller than Ava but bigger than Anna and Abby! Can't wait for all the cuteness!

Here are the guests of honor!
The Birthday Girl on her Birthday and the Daddy on Daddy's day!

And the invited guests!
It seems like we invite the same people over and over again!

Okay, now the party is getting outta hand!

And finally it's time to open presents!

The kids are really into Bu*ld a Be*r!

It make my job easy- one stop shop!

And by the look on her face I think she likes what she got! 

Could her smile get any bigger!

Happy Father's Day Honey!
You're the best!

I was taking a pic of the little kids when Johnny decided to jump in!

We love it when they big kids are home for the parties!

At the end of the night Ava and all the kids said this was 

The BEST Birthday Party EVER!


anyabar1987 said...

swimming in the rain is fun! as long as there is no lightning that you are perfectly fine you are going to get wet anyways so what is the difference?

Rebecca said...

Looks like a great time! You're a better sport than I am... I hate the rain. Happy birthday to your sweetie pie!
Email me when you can chat. I have many questions for you about dual adoptions.

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

I can't believe how much Emma and Ellie are looking more and more alike especially in that photo above!

Eileen said...

Your little one has a smile a mile wide! What a happy birthday! I can't wait to see Lottie in the mix!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! And Happy Father's Day too! Looks like a really fun day.

Karin said...

I totally LOVE that you let them swim in the rain! You are such a fun mom!! :)

Sue said...

Happy birthday to you Ava and Happy father's day to you Jim.

Angie said...

Happy birthday, Ava. You are growing up so much!! Wish we were close. We'd love to join your party!

Jen said...

Such great pictures and sweet smiles... especially Ava's big beautiful smile! Happy Birthday Ava and Happy Father's Day Jim!!

Hanna said...

Happy Birthday to you, Ava!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

LOVE it! We would TOTALLY have a swimming party in the rain.

Such a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

mama of 12 (ages 10, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 23, 25 26, 27)