Monday, June 18, 2012

The Name Game!

 I love the name game! 
I have played it ALL MY LIFE! 
With dolls, with marbles, with color crayons.
(different families were different colors!)
Kinda weird, I know but... it's me!

And only God knew that someday...
 we would be playing it... a... lot
and in real life!

Here are some of the options that we are thinking about!

Madeline Mary- Maddie
Madeline Rose - Maddie
Charlotte -         Lottie
Margaret Mary - Maggie
Harriette Mary - Hattie
Jennifer- Jen, Jenna or Jenny

There are so many names I love but since we already have 13-14 names picked out some have to be crossed off the list immediately because of how they sound with the names we already have.

I love Nellie but we have Ellie
I love Milly but we have Billy
I love Elizabeth (Lizzie) but we have Abigail Elizabeth.
I love AnnaBelle and Analise BUT we have ANNA...

Which bring me to another issue...
Madeline is one of my FAVORITES!
I would love to call her Maddie BUT we have a Matthew and I sometimes call him Matty, usually Matt...
SOOOO, would it be wrong for us to name a child Madeline/Maddie?
(It bothered our oldest son at first but now he seems okay with it- BUT I am gonna ask him again to make sure)

Oh My, Oh My, this is going to be very hard...

Let me know your thoughts!

We are thinking Mia will be Mia Christine YunKe but we could do Mary Christine and call her Mia.
(Which one do you like better for Mia?)

I may have to do two posts on this one...

The second one being a narrowed down version with choices 1, 2 and 3.

So to summarize- we actually have three questions-
1. What would be a great name for our new daughter (pic above)?

2. Should we do Mia Christine or Mary Christine? (pic above)

3. Can I still have a Maddie if I have a Matthew/Matt/ Matty(he's 28.5 yrs old)?

So for now 

Have at it 


please help us name our dear child!

Thank you!!

You are all so much FUN!!


Sarah said...

I really like the name Lottie :) But, I'm sure whatever you pick, it will be perfect for her!

Sarah said...

I L-O-V-E Maggie... and it sounds so close to Maddie and would avoid the Matty confusion!

I love Mia Christine!

Beautiful names! I love playing the name game too... I could have a houseful with the names I have chosen but am DONE with my three.

Thanks for inviting us to play along with you!!


Sally-Girl! said...

I vote Mia Christine for Mia if you are going to call her Mia. It can be confusing to have a completely different name and be called something else. We have a Phillip Justin and have always called him Justin. He has a hard time with legal documents and such because of it.

So Mia Christine because you have wanted Mia for so long.

Madeline Mary or Margaret Mary!

Mia and Maddie or Maggie is adorable!!!

Karrie said...

Here are some more to mill around...
Virginia (Ginny)

I'm not helping am I? :)

I like Mia Christine.
And I think Maddie is too close to Matty. :( Sorry.

Lori said...

Could you go with Madeline and call her linnie? Just a thought.
So happy for you and I have always loved playing the name game myself...although I agree it gets more difficult with each one.
Keep up the God work.

Serving the King said...

I vote Maddie but you call her Sonia. :) Ha! You go girl! My head is spinning even trying to figure all that out!

Jolene said...

I love the name game, too! So much fun! I have a list a mile long and with 4 going on 7 children I suppose the Lord is allowing me to keep playing this game for a reason!

Questions 1 and 3) While I love the name Madeline, also, like the names on your list (Charlotte and Margaret, especially).

Question 2) Definitely go with Mia...or Mea..I'm a fan of Mea over Mia.


Tesseraemum said...

Love them all! I don't think it is a big deal to have a maddie and a mattie. Particularly since he is older and probably goes by matt more often. Its not like your naming a BOY maddie or matt or something. Not to mention the fact that Matt might decide he like having his own little protege!
Have fun deciding! Sheri

anyabar1987 said...

I said before in another post I like the name Amanda.

I like Mia and think calling her Mia but having the name Mary might be confusing.

Where I work we have those two name combinations and it gets confusing because they are both refered to by the shortened version and people have to take a double take to figure out who you are talking about.

Kelly Marriott said...

Mia Christine is beautiful! How about Mary for the newest treasure? You could do Mary Madeline or any of a million other possibilities with Mary (Claire, Katherine, Jean...)

Amy is cute too!

PattiLynn said...

Congrats on the new children!

1) Looking at your list, Mary is on it a Lot; and you're thinking about using it for Mia also. So, I think Mary ___ would be great for the younger one. Middle name, Charlotte, Margaret, Rose or another cute middle name.

2) I like Mia Christine, a lot!! I wouldn't name her Mary and call her Mia. If you want a Mia, name her Mia, imo. heehe. (Besides I chose Mary for the younger one, that way you get both Mia and Mary / a win win!)

3) I dunno. Maybe your Matt wants a similiar sounding name for his own daughter someday, to name after himself.

I love the name game too!

Pam said...

I love Mia Christine, and I agree, you've wanted Mia for a long time, so you should just give her that name!

I agree that you've got the name Mary on your list a lot. I think you should use it, add a cute middle name like Rose, Kate, Claire and call her by a double name. I am from the south, you know, and you could bring a little southern touch up to the north! And perhaps start a trend!

I think Maddie is too close to Matty. But Madeline is a beautiful name.

Whatever you choose to name them, though, will be just perfect! And I love the name game, too!

Chad and Kristy said...

I some how missed that you were adopting did I miss that... congrats!

I like Mary Beth and Ella Ruth.

Maddie sounds too much like Matty. Do you ever call Matt Matty? If so I don't think you should take his name from him. If noone ever calls him Matty then I say use it:)


Unknown said...

So fun!

My vote is Amy Rose for the little cutie and Mia Christine for the older gal!

Have fun and we'll be praying!

I need to email you one of these days...I been following your blog since you brought home Ellie and Emma. My husband and I are moving to Beijing in September and I'd love to meet up with you if you were in the area...


Holly said...

I agree with some of your other friends that Mia should be Mia, not Mary :) I do think your newest one might be a Mary though :) I think that Maddie and Matty are too close and when saying a name, even the kids might wonder if you are affectionately speaking of Matt or of Madeline. Sorry. I think Mary Claire is very pretty for your newest or what about Maryann? What about Mary Margaret? My second vote would be for Maggie as it is close to Maddie but enough difference to tell between the two. Still though, like you said Nellie and Ellie are so close, still so are Maggie and Matty. I am sticking with Mary something for youngest :) Marybeth or Maribeth? Can't wait to see what makes the top 3 list :)
I would love to play this game but God named Gwendolyn Esther, so I don't really get to vote this time around :)

Liz said...

any name you pick will be perfect but don't sweat the small stuff!

We have
Joey (Joseph James)
JD (James Douglas)
and Zoe

so we have rhyming names which bugs me and then one middle name is the same first name as another.

Oh and on a side note....we named one of our dogs Drake to keep up the rhyming!!! LOL

David and Janet Hurley said...

My vote for Mia is Mia Christine.
I love Jenna (dd#4), and it could be a version of your name--my Mother's name was we will tell Jenna that is why we chose it. As far as repeating Elizabeth (our Jenna's middle name-spelled with an s like Elisabeth Elliot)..don't worry about it. I have a friend with 5 daughters, all of them share the same middle name, also shared with grandmother.

Sherrie said...

Mia Christine for daughter Mia. Meisi for second new daughter, and I vote no on Maddie when you have a Mattie as they sound the same. LOVE the name game!

living4him5 said...

I love Mia Rose for the older daughter and maybe I'm a bit biased because my name is Amy...So I vote AMY for the little one!

Amy :)

Wendy said...

I choose Mia Christine. Don't you have a mug with her name on it? Or, are you trying to tell us this one is not your Mia...maybe another one is??? She is beautiful with either name.
As much as I love Maddy, too close to Matty. What about Mary Rose? She is adorable too!! Then you would have a Mary and Mia? Cute.
I love your name games. Let us know the results.

Matilda Joyce said...

Definitely Mia Christine...

I agree with everyone who says Maddie and Matty are too close. I knew someone who gave her kids close names like that and she always talked about what a mistake it was. Don't go there.

I like Mary Margaret, Mary Claire, Mary Rose, Mary Catherine... Mary Madeleine... I think you have a lot of options with Mary as the first name.

Fun, fun, fun!

Eileen said...

I have a Madeline and we never call her Maddy. I love the full name and it's so much less common than all of the Maddys who are actually Madisons. However, she does get called Maddy frequently at school, so I guess you can't control the nicknames!

I love the name Lottie. It's rarely used but so pretty and easy to pronounce and spell.

Eileen said...

Besides, we've thought of that gorgeous girl as Lottie for so long that to us, she's already Lottie!

But we can adjust! All of your names are gorgeous.

Renae said...

I really think she looks like Mary. I like the name Mary Margaret, but I might be biased as that is my Grandma's name. :) I think that since you have Mary a lot in your choices you should go with it.

Gina said...

Mia Christine. I like Mary, but if you are going to call her Mia anyway you might as well use that name.

I think Matt and Maddie might be too much, so I vote for Margaret (Maggie).

Jo's Corner said...

How about Meghan and call her Meg, like in the book "Little Women"?

Cindy said...

Hi Jean!
Congrats on your double blessing! Thanks for sharing the joyous news!

How about Mia and Mandy?(short for Amanda?)
Mia Christine
Amanda Charlotte

Natalie said...

I love the name Isabella (Izzy or Bella) and really love its meaning... and Johanna can be Hanny which I think is super cute! I love Mia Christine! I think the Maddie would be very confusing, just as Nat Dad and Brad has confused my family lol.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

I totally LOVE the "name game". Oh yeah.

I am going to write my thoughts before reading all of the other comments. :)

First choice for new name: Madeline Rose. LOVE it! (We have a Rachel Rose.)

First choice for Mia: Mary Christine. Beautiful! When she is older she can choose between Mary and Mia.

Since Matthew is probably not still called "Matty" very often (at age 28), I don't think it should be a problem AT ALL to call your sweet daughter, Maddie. If "Matty" was still a little boy living at home, no, I would not choose to also have a "Maddie". Definitely ask "Matthew" for his honest opinion . . . but he might think it's kind of cute to have a little sister with a similar (but definitely feminine) name.

mama of 12 (who has played the name game often)
ages 10, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 23, 25, 26, 27

Talisa M Linker said...

I love Charlotte Rose and call her Lottie! Also, I like Mia (or Mea) Christine and call her Mia (or Mea).

I also like Maggie...but not the Margaret part.

Just giving you my two cents!

Angie said...

Names are fun! I like just Mia. And what about just Bella for your newest sweetie? She is beautiful!!

Susan A said...

Mary Christine

Charlotte Rose

Matt and Maddy sounds alike


Sammy said...

You're a brave woman putting your names out there and listening to everyone's comments. Not me, but mine are weird and getting weirder they tell me. Matt and Maddie are two totally different names. : - )

Teresa said...

I love the name Lottie!

Judy Deaton said...

I probably will totally stand alone here.....but I vote for Harriet!!!!! I LOVE it and wanted to name one of mine that......then I had 4 boys....we just adopted 2 girls from China and named them Wren and Iley. They just weren't Harriets:) But I DO love the name! and Hattie is a cute nick name! I would love to talk to you and pick your brain! You must have more energy than the energizer bunny! We just got home from China with just 2 and I'm pooped! Blessings to you!

Holly said...

Oh...I just like them all. : ) Except Jennifer. I grew up with 10,000 Jennifers, and I think that name should just be put to bed. lol

Maggie said...

I see you have listed Margaret Mary. Did you know in Ireland that the Mary Margarets are called Molly? Since you like Millie........

Stephanie in NC said...

I also like her Lettie...I agree that you should name her what you call her...Mia Christine.

mary said...

How about Mia Christine and Mary Caroline? You have mentioned Mary before, so I am thinking you really like that name....I like that you like old fashioned names...I think Mattie is too close to Matt. But Molly is really cute too!! Decisions, decisions. This is so much fun!!!!! And so exciting, two more treasures coming home.