Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Shoes!

We love to wear EASY shoes in the summer!
Actually we would wear them all year round if we could!

This year they came out with the ones that change color in the sun!

AND they have been a huge hit with the children!
The pic above is at dusk but the one below is full sun!

Trying to take the pic should have been a video!
They were like dominos...
falling over!

We tried to get back in the right order BUT I think they all forgot who they were next too...

Poor, poor Sarah... 
she is in adult shoes now so they no longer come in her size ;-(

But she did get fancy shoes for the wedding so-
 she's doing okay!


Sally-Girl! said...

I have got to get my littles some crocs!

Next year you will need a wide angle lens to capture all the little feet!!!

Jennifer P said...

Brilliance, once again!

Lori said...

Despite how ugly people say Crocs are, I just LOVE them! They are so easy to slip on and off! And I LOVE your changing-color ones! How fun for the kids!

Pam said...

Our kids love crocs, too, and down here they are worn almost year round. The kids love them for their comfort and ease of on and off. And I love them for their durability. They hold up SO well!

I can't believe that Sarah is in a woman's shoe size already. Gracie (12 1/2) is a size 13. As in practically a toddler size. I wonder if her foot will ever grow to a woman's size. I'm thinking it probably won't. And she's not going to like that when she's older.

Anonymous said...

adorable! keep blogging, Jean. love to you, Great mom of so many blessed ones. praying always,

TanyaLea said...

Oh what fun! We were just looking at these at the Albertville outlets recently and I debated getting Khloe a pair... who knew they'd be so much fun ~ maybe I should reconsider!! :)