Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Stuff, Abby Update and VBS

 I am so sorry it has been so long since I posted.
So much is happening here at our home with wedding prep and graduation party prep along with every day life! Which is actually quite full as I am sure you all know!!

We are asking for more prayers for Abby. She had a liver MRI and the results were discouraging.
Her liver is still FULL of iron. There has been no change since 4.5 months ago when we started the chelation process.
My heart sunk when I heard the news.
We were so hoping that her liver iron level would go down.

Next is a liver and bone marrow biopsy.
That will be done in July.
Praying and praying for some good news...

When we go in for her transfusions we bring a different sibling each time!
The other kids are excited to see where she what we do when we go in for a transfusion. Abby is excited to share in the fun with a sib and it makes her feel special!
We watch TV, watch movies, color, play with playdoh, read books, have a snack, eat lunch and play on the ipad!

Thank you God for making it a joyful experience!

We came home to children enjoying the summer weather and making the best of the heat!

Water is just so much fun!

Here is our version of a swimming pool!
Hey, it works!!

Last week the children went to vacation bible school!
It is a highlight of their summer!

Emma and Ellie were in different classes and it worked out great!!
The children there were very nice and helpful to Emma! Ellie was able to meet some new kids!

Ava and Anna attended a first grade class together!
Sam and Abby were in the kindergarten class together!

Sarah is the first "S" in Jesus!

Next year Luke gets to go and Sarah becomes a helper/ volunteer!
I look forward to our two new girls being able to attend!
We are still working on the names and will post on that soon!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


Sarah said...

You amaze me, Jean. How do you do all of those hospital stays?

Praying, praying, praying for your precious girl.

Holly said...

Jean, you must have a wonderful Mother's helper for hospital days? Or hubby works from home? Anyway, so glad for the update. Will pray for your sweet Abby to get rid of that nasty iron! ugh! Can't wait to hear the names! I saw that you added Mia Christine to the sidebar but your other waiting daughter remains a mystery :) I thought you were leaning towards Charlotte :)
You always have something exciting going on! :) Blessings, Holly

Anonymous said...

That's very creative of you to bring a different sibling to the hospital. Great idea, Mom!

We also love VBS. This will be Mia's first year attending and I'm excited for her.

Happy summer.

Sally-Girl! said...

Jean, we are leading dual lives right now; wedding of a child and college graduation of another one along with all the regular busyness of our lives!! I am ignoring the fact that I am going to Philly again in less than two weeks. One wonderfully full day at a time!!!

Eileen said...

Poor Abby! I certainly hope there's improvement in the near future. If it's any consolation, our daughter had a liver biopsy when she was 2 years old and she recovered very, very quickly. As a matter of fact, my funniest memory of that day is my husband putting her to bed that night and me overhearing, "Maya, please stop jumping on your bed. You just had your liver punctured." Evidently she felt fine!

Jo's Corner said...

Another name idea: Nataleigh, call her Tali.
I have a question about Abby's hospital trips. Are they an all day trip or an overnight stay? I speaking of the ones like this last one, where a sibling comes along. I have been thinking about Abby so much lately. When I saw that Robin Roberts on Good Morning America is starting the process for a BMT and that she has the same(?) disorder as Abby, I really began to pray and seek out information on that whole process. It is scary, but is so promising as far as a cure. And, the medications for all of the side-effects make it easier to endure.
Lots of love to you all! ~ Jo

Sue said...

So sorry to hear about Abby's liver not doing what you had hope it would do. I will say some extra prayers.