Monday, July 16, 2012

And it's another....

Birthday at our house!!

This time it's their turn!

So we headed to the M*ll of Amer*ca to have some fun!!

We had lunch at the Ra*nforest Cafe!

It was our first time there and we all loved it!

This sweet girl is turning 10!

And this one is turning 12!

This is also their  2yr Gotcha day anniversary!

We are so thankful they are home sweet home!

Both Emma and Ellie have made wonderful progress!
Emma did a lot of talking today! She was beyond excited and could hardly contain herself!
Sometimes she would make a run at me- to give me a hug! Usually from about 20 feet away!
I braced myself as she would run full speed into me!
It happened a lot and thankfully we both did not fall over! ;-)

After lunch we hit N*ckelodeon Un*verse!
It was another first for all of us!
Yes, I know it is so close to home for us but we just don't get over here much!

At this point I have to warn y'all! It's picture mania time! I like to take individual pics so they can have them for memories instead of always being "together".

Abby's liver is still FULL of iron. She will be having a bone marrow biopsy and a liver biopsy.
I felt so discouraged when I heard her iron was still so high. Now I realize it will take a year to years to get it out. Praying her MDS stayed away so we can get the iron out and the bone marrow transplant on the calendar.

Sweet Anna needs to have surgery to connect the muscles on each side of her lip. Before that surgery she is having an endoscopy to see which surgery she needs for her speech. Sometimes she can do a straight smile but other times it's this cute crooked smile!

One very happy birthday girl!

No diapers, no pull ups just underwear for this boy!!
And that been since May- only 4 months after surgery!!!

Another very happy birthday girl!

Luke loved the whole day! He enjoyed the calm rides but loved watching the bigger kids go on their wild rides!

Everyone LOVED the merry go round!

Even Sarah!

Sarah, Emma , Ellie and Ava went on this thing!

They came off of it with smiles but chose not to go on it again!

The littles loved the bumper cars!!

It was a perfect way to express their inner aggression!

And this guy loved it the MOST!!

Outta my way sista!!

Look out for Sam!

He took no prisoners!

And neither did the girls!

I wasn't sure how Emma would do but she did great! She loved the big rides and the little rides!!

Ava... on the other hand had enough of the "big wild rides"!
She opted out of this one!!

Another thumbs up!!

The reported back to Ava that it really wasn't so scary!

Sponge bob and what's his name where their visiting!

The wrist bands made it so the kids could go from ride to ride!!

We all had so much fun!

Smiles every where!

This was the mini version!

They giggled their way thru the ride!

She went on the bigger version!

No thank you!

But she loved it!

Then we went home for dinner 

and presents!

Which they loved!

Of course! 

They each picked out their our cake!

We wish everyone was home and we miss the rest of the kids...
But we still had a ton of fun!

Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie!

And then every one was hysterical after our family rendition of the song...

Happy Birthday to You!

We are that bad!!


Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie. Looks like you both had a very happy day!

janet and gang

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie! It is evident that they are BOTH thriving in your home! Jean, did you take ALL the children to M of A by yourself????

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie! Love the brightness of the eyes and the big genuine smiles! That is HAPPY!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Emma and Ellie! I love to see all of the kids' smiles!!!

Susan A said...

I just absolutely loved your photos of your children enjoying the rides and sweet Emma being so happy (and Ellie too). What a beautiful blessing! :) Loved all the colours, the pretty clothes, the presents! :)

Sally-Girl! said...

What a GREAT day for all the kids!!! Happy birthday to your two sweet girls!!! They are right where they are suppose to be!!! So happy for them!!!

Rebecca said...

Looks so fun! I've been trying to figure out what to do for Aidan's 7th bday. Of course here in Orlando there's almost too many options and quite expensive. I think we are going to snag your idea and go out to rain forest cafe at downtown Disney. Your kiddos are so adorable... All of them! Happy birthday Emma and Ellie!

Sue said...

Happy birthday to Emma and Ellie, you looking very beautiful.

Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to the girls! They both look happy and soooo grown-up!!