Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Day Before the Wedding!

The morning before the wedding we put together the programs!
We had quite the working crew!  And a few were observing the event!!
It was all done with in an hour!

Later that day was the rehearsal and grooms dinner.
The children were adorable and they were not sure what to expect, but once their roles were explained they got it!

Sam and Greyson were adorable together!
When Grey cam over to play at our house Sam took one look at him and said
"Hey, your my size, let's go play!"
And off they went!
Reason # 989, why I love children!

Our big boys are all grown up!
It happens so quickly...
We are so thankful for them and who they are becoming!

Fr. Richard was wonderful!
Warm and welcoming!
He gave us great guidance!

The church was incredible!
St Mark's Episcopal Cathedral,
It was breathtakingly beautiful!

Our Dear Lord was so present!
I could feel his peace and joy!

This was my Mom's favorite church!

The children were so excited about the sword arch...
as were ALL the adults!

Sometimes it's hard for little Luke- he doesn't have a good view from way down there!
His Daddy adores him and often carries him!!

I had to take this pic! Hi sweetie! Yes, Momma will pick you up now!

Sam is like spiderman scaling the wall!

It was hot but then it was beginning to let up... a little!

Getting ALL of us together is almost impossible so I am trying to take pics whenever I can!
It is such a blessing to have everyone here!

The grooms dinner was fabulous!
We had so much fun and we were able to meet so many new people!

This whole week has been so wonderful!
I know that God is orchestrating everything- it is much more than I could ever do... 
We are completely leaning on him!
And HE is so capable!

There is so much love surrounding these two!
GOD is so good!

Tomorrow is the wedding post!


Susan A said...

awesome... thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us all! :) :)

Lori said...

SO very lovely!! I love weddings so much! What a precious time you and your entire family.

Can't wait for the big post!

Sarah said...

Oh I love reading all these wedding posts...such fun!!

Pam said...

I LOVE seeing your family all together in photos. And I'm the same way when we all are together~ always wanting to get photos of ALL of us.

What a perfect church for a wedding. Just lovely. I cannot wait to see the wedding post!

julie said...

I have a special interest in all these wedding posts...our oldest daughter is getting married next June. We have just begun the planning process...but, oh what fun!! Thanks so much for the taking the time to post. I can't wait to see photos from the wedding!

Sophie said...

Katie is so stunning, and you have such a beautiful family!! Congratulations to you all, can't wait to see the wedding pictures!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Can't wait to the next post of Katie in her dress!!! Loving all the photos and lead up to that!!!

Super happy for you!!!

The Heald Family said...

Awww I fun to see the wedding week photos!
Y'all look so relaxed:) great job!

joeks said...

Weddings are such joyous occasions! (But I will admit to being relieved to have our two this year done now!)