Monday, July 23, 2012

How are we doing?

Many people have been asking how are we doing without Katie and Andrew and how are they doing?

Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Katie, Andrew and Penny arrived safely in Germany and are settled into their studio hotel room. They are looking for a place of their own but it is more challenging than they thought. Katie can't look without Andrew because she doesn't speak German. Andrew is busy with work. So they look when they can. Germany also has high realtor fees- which makes some places too expensive plus they need a dog friendly place- because of Penny!
They are hoping to find a place soon and move in October.

She is loving being married to the man of her dreams and her BFF!

We have chatted over the internet quite a few times! (okay maybe every other day) It is amazing and easy! I love being able to see them as we talk! It feels like they just aren't that far away!

Lil Kate has had a few homesick moments but for the most part she seems to be doing very well!

Friends have encouraged her to start trying to learn the language and enjoy the culture. I think that is wise advise. This is such a unique and wonderful time of their life- we want them to fully enjoy it!!

I miss my sweet girl! We always have so so much fun together! At the same time I am overjoyed for her, her husband (my 14th child ;-) and their journey. Katie and I, in many ways are BFF's and we often confide in each other and get each others opinions on things. A couple times I wanted to pic up the phone and chat but have held off wondering what time it is there or/ and because of the cost. If I wait a little we can face chat for free!

Since Katie and Andrew left we have been working on Johnny's grad party. We had it with a few other families this last weekend! 
It went great! Praise God!

You will be happy to know that there are NO more big events on my calendar! 
(well kind of... that is...)

So now I am trying to prepare for homeschooling those that are here while knowing new kiddos will be joining our family sometime around February.
I want to get as far into the school year as possible before traveling to China!
We will also be visiting the kids in Germany- can't wait and Kate (and Penny!) may come home for a week when Andrew travels for work.

I am so thankful to God that she has such a wonderful husband, that we can easily talk to each other (it lessens the pain of being apart) and that we can travel to see her. The world just isn't as big as it used to be!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for this sweet couple and her Momma- they are so so appreciated.


Rebecca said...

What a way to start off a marriage! Sounds exciting! And even though it's hard being so far apart, part of me feels like it's a good thing. The whole "leave and cleave" thing is truly their reality. When Matt and I got married, my parents moved away. it was hard, but so good for our marriage. It really solidified our relationship and forced me to depend upon him instead of my mom. On another subject, I'm homeschooling everyone again this year. It's been 2 years since I've done it... I'm in the throws of choosing curriculum right now. Up to my eye balls!!! Any suggestions???

Sally-Girl! said...

I am sure my sister in law would help Katie looking for a house. I know they had the same issue there and ended up on base housing due to it.

Sarah said...

It sounds like they're doing wonderfully...and I'm glad that you are doing well too! I'm also glad that things might slow down a little bit for your family over the next couple of months. Have fun!!

Been there, done that said...


I am a lurker from Germany. I dont know where your kids live, but I would be willing to help out in any way. Just sent me an Email and I could get in touch with Katie asap.

Hope I can helf.

Kath said...

We are also a US Family in Germany our littles are 8,9 and our bigs are 31 and 28. I'm happy to help and can assist a bit with the housing stuff, as we have been here three years now. We are assigned to Stuttgart. Tell Katie not to hesitate to contact me at, we are also a CCAI Family from 2004 and 2006. I'm sure one day I will be in the PX at Patch and see your girl! Tell her to look for the 55+ mommy with the two sweetest Chinese girls in the world! It takes a villlage. . . afterall, we are all part of the "ARMY" family!