Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have spent a few days feeling sad- when I should be happy.

Sometimes I think, this is the last time we will have lunch at our favorite spot. Or the last time we will have a family dinner together. Or the last time we will shop together.
Or, or, or...

I have been praying and praying.
And I know others that have been praying for us.

I know it's kinda silly but Katie and I are very close. All the little children LOVE Katie, Andrew and Penny! We have so much fun together and seeing them is a highlight of the day! 
WE are an easy to please family!

(and yes, the children just got done eating and they are wearing bibs AND please don't tell them not to wear them! It makes the laundry load so much easier. Someday they'll figure out they are a bit too old for... bibs!)

So I have decided to change my attitude! Hubby helped me with this one! 

I believe the prayers of others helped more than we will ever know!

Instead of thinking this is the last time... for anything, we are now looking toward the "first times"!

Our first child getting married!
First child to live in Germany!
First time we will go to Europe- to Germany and side trips, to visit them!

First time someone wonderful is joining our family and I didn't have to adopt him!!

And so many more "firsts"!

These two are perfect for each other and they are such a blessing to each other and to us!

It is amazing what prayer and a different perspective can do!

God is so good and he is so close right now!
I can feel his presence!

They went to dance lessons...
their teacher ended up being my long lost cousin Jennifer!
I haven't seen her in ages!
It was completely unplanned but so cool!
Last time we saw them Katie was 2 yrs old!

I do not feel sad but instead feel God's grace! It will be a joyful week!
A wonderful time to celebrate the marriage of this young couple!

 So Hubby and Kate practiced a bit for the first dance!
I have the BEST husband in the world!
BUT, he dances to the beat of a different drummer!
It will be GREAT!

Thank you Jesus!


Sophie said...

I understand why your mama's heart would feel sad.
She seems like the sweetest person and you've done such an amazing job, what a blessing to call her your daughter.

How cool that you get to visit Germany!!

js said...

I just wanted to say that you are such an inspirational and amazing mother. And thank you for sharing!

Angie said...

What a special week this will be for you all! I was giggling as I thought of your family walking the streets of Stuttgart. We used to get stares upon stares and we only had Jacob and Laura. Two kids? And one that didn't look like us? Unheard of!! :)

Laura L. said...

Having a child get married is an awesome blessing. It's the beginning of a very wonderful chapter in the lives of all. Truly the blessings of having a son-in-law and watching them enjoy their life together, enjoying time spent with them as a couple can be so wonderful.
I totally understand how you feel, having done this twice. Giving away a daughter seems so bittersweet, but the blessings gained will be so sweet.
The wedding week will be a busy blitz of activity. The wedding day will be a total blast. You will absolutely love it! Enjoy the celebration.

The Heald Family said...

AWWW so sweet seeing Jim & Katie dancing together:)
Yes, lots of wonderful "firsts" to celebrate. Praying the wedding plans continue to go smoothly.

Lori said...

OH! Bless your heart!! I can only imagine the blend of emotions you are going through right now. Up and down constantly, I'm sure.

That last pic of Katie and Jim is DARLING. The way Katie is looking adoringly at him is precious! (Or maybe she was making fun of his dancing...?) Either way, it's so cute!

Sally-Girl! said...

You are richly blessed my friend!! And even more blessed with your great perspective. It's exciting to add one more to our families whether through adoption or the marriage or our older bio kids!!!

Let's get this party started!!!

Annie said...

Oh dear Jean! I wish I could just give you a big hug right now!!!! Thinking about you and praying for your sweet Momma's heart!

mary said...

Awww, Jean, I totally understand. When my only daughter (only child) moved from the east coast to the west coast with my three grandchildren, I did not know how I would be able to get through it. But God was so kind and gracious, they were only gone 14 months and during that time I visited them four times. The Lord will give you peace, and, I am assuming that they will not live there indefinitely. And you have all those littles to keep you busy, and there is email, facebook, and skype to help. I will be praying for you, I truly know how much you will miss Katie.

Janet and Kevin said...

Sweet, sweet post full of emotion. I like your style as you begin to think of the "firsts" you are about to have. :)

Hugs to you,
janet and gang

The Byrd's Nest said...

You are allowed to cry and feel a loss my friend. It is hard to let our children go much less across the country! I am praying for peace for all of you but especially for your Momma heart:)