Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pre Wedding FUN!

Oh My!
I hardly know where to begin!
I think I will start where I left off with the last post.

We had a fourth of July celebration on the third of July!
Everyone 12 and under wore their red, white and blues!

Since all of our littles are from China, I do love dressing them up in Red, White and Blue!
It feels so good to have them home! 
we are so thankful for this country that God has truly blessed!

Abby had a matching outfit but her IV came unhooked and then blood leaked out all over her clothes.
She handled it well. We re-hooked her up and then found a new outfit. The home health care nurse came to check it out and make sure it was still working okay.

Andrew's family had just flown in so they came over for dinner. We had everyone there! It was so wonderful to ALL be together! 

Both families get along so well and have so much fun together!!
We feel so blessed that Katie has such wonderful in laws and second family!

Little Penny (the doggy) is all set to travel to Germany with them!
Penny is such a great dog and Katie loves her so much! 
I think it will be very comforting to have her their.

Next to me is Amy (she is married to Andrew's brother Kenny), Andrew's mom Evie, his sister Lindsey, and his fiance Katie!

Our little children loved playing with their grandchildren- Grey and Ella!
All of the children did so well!

On the 4th of July, Jim's sisters had a bridal shower for Katie!
Many of the wedding guest had arrived in town so it was perfect timing!

Her are my older girls!
Caitlin is Matt's girlfriend (and yes they are talking about taking the plunge next!), Katie and Kelly (Billy's girlfriend). 

And her os our new and enlarged crew!

Katie with her two Moms!!

Katie and Cori have been friends since they were born!

It has been a very hot week and the room where the party was did not cool off.
So we are all glistening!

His nephew adore him!
And vice versa!

When the party was over all of the children and husbands joined us! 
It was such a joy to see our littles so excited to join in the fun!

They LOVE family!
And EVERY child should have a family to call their own!
We need to bring more children home to their forever families!

Andrew and his parents!

This week has been so amazing! God was so evident!
He gave us peace in times of stress. Because He loves us, He makes it so easy to love others!
Because He is in control we no longer feel like we need to control everything. He bring us such joy with His blessings.
This whole week we could see HIM every where!
I look forward to sharing more about the grooms dinner and the wedding!


Nikki said...

So excited for your family this week....what a bittersweet and joyful time for you all!!!

At least the weather here in Minnesota seems to be cooling off a little today!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm just so very happy that you're having such a wonderful week! Great photos!!!