Thursday, July 26, 2012

When they take God out of the story...

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Now onto the STORY!

Hubby and I were at a gathering and many people were asking us about the wedding.

For us the wedding was one of the most wonderful experiences we have EVER had!

It was so amazing and God was so present that even trying to describe it in words is so inadequate...

It was a blessed and joyous event!

As we mingled and talked with old friends it became more and more apparent to me-
That God was being taken out of the event.

Each time I told the story I praised him and talked about the miracle of the rainbow and the answered prayer regarding the reception.
BUT more and more I found my audience wasn't buying it.

God wasn't part of the story they wanted to hear.

They wanted to know what went wrong and how awful that was and that our venue should have handled it differently 
"weren't we just freaking out?"...




We were NEVER freaking out. 


We also knew we had a wonderful, christian woman as our wedding planner!

My question was - 
Okay God, so what a you thinking?
Will it be somewhere else? Will we end up at the ballgame for brats and beer? Maybe another country club or a town hall?  Will the power go on or will the generator work?

We were never mad, freaked out or upset...
HIS PEACE was always upon us!
We were just praying to HIM and wondering what HIS answer was going to be?

This little incident was a way for us to see how GREAT HE IS! For us to see HIM at work! For HIM to shed HIS peace on us. For us to show our trust in HIM. AND for this young couple to see how MIGHTY our GOD is!

And it made for a great great story!

Until someone wanted to take HIM out of the story.

If ya take God out of the story...
there is NO story!

On a side note!

This time it was Sam's turn to come to Abby's transfusion with us!
We always have fun!


Sarah said...

So glad that God is always in your story!!! Beautiful!

Rebecca said...

As I read this post I was reminded of Jesus' very first miracle. It was at a wedding too! What a great testimony you are to Him Jean! You just never know how many people you influenced bc of that little glitch:)

Susan A said...

keep mentioning Him, Jean... because this is giving honour and glory to Him which HE deserves! :) and it helps you to grow to appreciate and trust Him even more in the future...

This reminds me of something that I read in Lynda Bjorklund-Hunter's book, "Your Heart, the Holy Spirit's Home" (I think that was what the book is called), she speaks of the many times the Lord led her through many amazing things, and how, when she worked with Focus on the Family in Colorado, she decided not to share about it as she thought certain people might think it is unusual... well after a while, she realised that the Lord have not given her the same enjoyment of noticing His hand in everything... she realised that she has left Him out when she worried what others think...

So that's why... it's important to be always involving Him when sharing about all the amazing things that happened, including His peace... because He WANTS others to know that HE would very much LOVE to be a part of their lives as well and they could give Him glory for all that He has done in their lives.

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing from your heart. It's always all about HIM!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - so neat that you keep mentioning to others how much God is in control. When we see evidence of His hand and tell others, we, too, get that reaction at times. It is as if some people simply cannot fathom a God that big!

janet and gang

Sarah said...

Amen and amen! Yes, it is all about Jesus. Thank you for being so conscious of God's hand in daily life and not being hesitant to give Him the glory. You are also faithfully sewing seeds.
grace and peace,
Sarah Risley

Sarah said...

Jean, saw Luke's picture on Morning Star's site. I would love to hear the behind the scene's story of how you found him.
Sarah Risley