Monday, August 6, 2012

Car seats and Vanna...

So many rules, regulations and guidelines...
I try to stay within all of them!
We want the children to be safe!
Our Asian children are so much smaller than our bio kids.

Sarah is finally big enough to sit in the front seat. I enjoy her company up top with me!

Emma(12) and Ellie(10) are in the seatbelt/ shoulder straps.

 we have many that are at that "in between" stage.

Ava, Sam, Abby, Anna and Luke are all in carseats- they can get in and out themselves and they can see out the window.
Sometimes I have a big kid watch over a littles to make sure they are buckled in!
It has actually been great fine motor practice for Abby and Luke!

This van does NOT leave until ALL are buckled in!
Yes, I have even pulled off the road while waiting for a slightly stubborn little one to finish buckling!

The pics do not go with the post ;-)

Johnny works at a golf course and we visited him during lunch!!

They knew we were coming so the put on extra hot dogs!!

Not exactly the most nutritions lunch but it was tasty and fun!

Johnny played golf here when he was little! He won the Jr league championship two years in a row before moving onto a bigger course!
When he applied for a job the recognized him... and hired him!

Now... back to carseats and vans!

The newbies??

Not sure about Mia?
We have had conflicting measurement for her? In other words she has shrunk between updates... most likely NOT accurate!

She looks great in the pics we have seen except she is small for her age?
I am having her checked for growth hormone once she is home and tested for age.

I am guessing she will need a 5 pt carseat?

For sure a 5 pt carseat!

We buy the
car seats.
Yes, they have changed names this. many. times...
BUT they are skinny and fit 3 in. a. row.
Which then fits in Vanna
makes her very happy!
makes me very happy!
(Thank you Karen, Sally's friend for telling us about these car seats!)

I have had many other WONDERFUL car seats BUT they don't fit in Vanna...

Speaking of Vanna...

I am so sorry to say...
 She no longer fits our new and improved family ;-(

Most likely we will keep Vanna for awhile and then make a switch, later when we decide what will fit our needs.

Vanna is a 12 seater and well...
 we are a 13 person family with just the newbies...

We LOVE you Vanna!
Don't take it personally!

We are looking into other options? The Nissan? The 15 passenger GMC? The sprinter?
Just dunno?
We won't rush into it but once the kiddos are home Hubby can't ride in the van ;-(

Hold it...
Maybe I should have him drive it and I'll take the other car?!?


Mom2Six said...

We haven't all fit in one vehicle since we brought the boys home 15 months ago. However, we rarely all go somewhere together, so it's not that big of a deal. Going to church requires two vehicles and to WDW (if we all go - which isn't every time). We haven't taken many vacations since the boys got home, but that's the other time we have to drive both. We keep meaning to find a bench seat for the 2nd row in the Suburban, but just haven't found the time to get around to it.

Jen said...

When our daughter comes home this fall, we technically could have fit in our minivan, but we would have 4 in car/booster seats and the bigger kids just didn't fit between them. So, we traded in for the Ford Econoline 12 passenger. I look like I'm driving a preschool van! : ) I really like the Sprinter. Just didn't fit our budget. I think the Nissan van only fits 12. When you get in the larger-than-12 passenger van category there aren't that many choices. Sprinter diesel would be my choice! So sorry for Vanna! : (

Karen said...

Glad you liked the Radians:-) We still love ours. We only have four now. Since you liked my advice on the Radian I will offer my advice on vans. We have a Sprinter and absolutely LOVE it! It is a diesel and gets 14-16 miles in the city and 18-19 on the highway. I have no complaints about it at all. What actually sold my hubby on the Sprinter over other large passenger vans was a cost analysis comparing what it would cost to own each of them over time. The upfront cost is more, but the Sprinter actually cost less in the long run than the other vans and had a longer life expectancy. I do have to say ours is a "bare bones" one with the rubber floor (which is great for kids and pets) and cloth seats. The only extra we have is the back up camera which was on my "non-negotiable" list. Hope my info helped. If you want more information about it let me know.

David and Janet Hurley said...

I wondered if Vanna would be sticking around.
We have a Sprinter and LOVE it. We get questions/compliments about it all the time. The great thing about them (at least we were told)is they are each custom made--dealers don't just get big shipments of them. We were so blessed to get ours used--2 years old. We only have 9 seats, but that means the seats are bigger, so our huge Britax (older) seats fit, as well as our newer, slimmer Britax seats. I am 5'3" and can stand up in it, which I love. We have heated front seats--It was one of the luxaries I really was going to miss, changing over from a Denali.
The original owner lived in FL (no idea why he needed heated seats), so we also have an extra A/C unit on top. With the A/c we do not fit in parking decks, but that's OK. BTW--it's 19 feet long, same as Suburban/our old Denali, so that won't be a problem for you.
Ours is not diesel, but gets the same gas mileage as our Denali did.
I'm with you about safety--We have 8yo's in car seats. (One of which just started growth hormone shots--if you have any questions about that.)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

he he he....I told you when you bought that van you would really want a 15 passenger ;) he he he he.....

Figuring out car seats in our family is CRAZY stuff sometimes....especially on trips where we need stuff space. We are barely able to rearrange things so the kiddos can fit in the first 3 rows for now (take out the last row of our 15 passenger and have room for the "stuff")....but if?? then we will have to be creative?? Maybe take 2 vehicles just for long trips. ??

Hmmm.....I am thinking a church "van" you know the ones that seat 30? Whew...that would hold us all!!! :)

Karen said...

I'm glad Janet mentioned not fitting into parking garages. The rear a/c makes the van around 9 1/2' tall so parking garages are out. Standing up in it is a big plus helping out with kids. Ours is a 12 passenger and there is tons of storage space. There is room for all our luggage and stroller in the back and under the seat storage for homeschool books:-)

Sarah said...

Hey Jean,
Where did you find the car seats? I have researched on line a bit and am coming up empty for that narrow kind.
Sarah Risley

Ruby said...

I can fit 3 Diono's across the back seat of my S series Saturn (1 rear facing, 2 forward, you have to alternate, I've also done 2 rear, 1 forward). I'm digressing. I was going to say my new Diono's can now convert to booster seats. When my kids ever outgrow the forward (I have a child with some form of dwarfism, the doctors think).

If you do a Google shopping search for "Diono" you can find some. Just be careful of the sites they pull up (I frequently get mine on; their shipping is free and fast (last time was in May, I was in a car accident, and I had the replacement ones in under 72 hours, including a Sunday)

ourchinagirls said...

You could probably get a tax credit to give Vanna away to another family who would lovingly use her. ::hands waving in the air here::

Just saying!!