Friday, August 31, 2012


Praise the Lord we are DTC'd as of yesterday!!
That means our paperwork(dossier) is on it way to China!

Next it needs to be logged in - which will be our LID(log in date)!

And then we wait for LOA(letter of approval)!
Praying it's speady!

Families usually travel about 3 months after LOA, provided there are not any hitches. Which, with bringing home 3, a hitch is possible. Hopefully not BUT possible.

We are planning to send the girls a photo album and gifts very soon!
Right now they do not know they have a family but in a couple weeks they will all know!
And then they will see the crazy big but very fun family they will be joining!

We will also be asking for updated pics and measurements! I can't wait to get them! We do have a ton of pics of Mia(10 yrs old) but only two of Missy(6 yrs old) and Maddie( 5 yrs old).

I love the little split between Maddie's teeth! That is very hereditary- one of her birth parents has to have that!

The count down begins!
Can't wait to meet them!
Thank you Jesus!


Julie said...

I know you said you love the split between her teeth. (I do to and I think they are all beautiful). However, in case you think she might not love it when she's older, you can have it fixed. You know that bump behind your front two teeth? If it's larger than it should be, it causes that gap. A dentist can fix that easy peasy and the gap will eventually go away or will go away if she's older and has braces. A friend of mine had it done for her son and I couldn't believe how it went away!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you! I hope that you get your LOA in record time so that we can be in China at the same time. We were logged in on the 13th, so we're just a couple of weeks ahead of you.

Sally-Girl! said...

Thrilled for you!!!!

Hezra said...

Im so far behind!! OHMYGOSH!! So excited for your family!! love you!

Nikki said...

SOOOOOO exciting!!! I hope this wait flies by for you!!!

Debbie said...

I'm so excited for you & the girls. I can not wait to see Mia with you forever. It was awesome to have been able to meet her. She is a precious little girl. And she asked us several times "when is my mommy & daddy coming". So she is ready! :-) Praying for a quick LOA and quick TA.

Jen said...

Congratulations! Definitely a great feeling to have that step behind you!

Julie said...

I so enjoy your blog. Congratulations on being DTC for all three of your adorable little girls! We are just behind you - our agency says we should be DTC in 2 weeks. YAY! We are adopting a 5 yr. little girl. Wishing you a quick process to China!

Sammy said...

They are so stinking cute (actually pretty).