Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Sam!!

I arrived home at 10:30am Sunday Morning!
So thankful to be home and not in an airport!
We ended up sleeping in the airport and leaving Amsterdam at 7:55am.

The kids were excited to see me and talked non stop!
Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom is what I heard over and over and then a short story following the Mom or an "I forgot"!

Hubby did a great job of celebrating yesterday on the actual special day!
It was rainy so they went to Chuck E Cheese for pizza dinner and fun!

Sam was so excited to part 2 of his birthday!
This is the part the included the presents and birthday cake!

Sam and Luke are really bonding! They just love each other! Luke does everything that Sam does (except climb up the walls)!

Everybody was very happy to have Mommy home and it seems that everything is once again "right" in their world!

Sam asked for a kite for his b-day!

A rockboard scooter and a build a bear!
So thankful for online shopping!

Having sisters has definitely influenced the boys!

So we added in some camouflage to make this cuddly bear more manly!
Now his bear will look just like his brother in law- Andrew!
Kinda ;-)

He picked out his own cake-

The traditional family pic surrounding the birthday boy!
And then our very on rendition of "Happy Birthday to YOU"!
Oh my are we awful singers!

And our little 6 year old boy was very happy!
God Bless HIM!


Susan A said...

love the pics!! :) so glad to hear that you are back home safely!

Hanna said...

So happy that you arrived home safely to be with your beautiful family and to celebrate Sam's birthday. God is so good.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to your special, amazing little guy!!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Glad you made it home, mama. :)


Sally-Girl! said...

So glad you got time with Katie, so glad you are home and so happy for your sweet Sam!!!!

Jenny said...

I would love to email with you at some point if you are able. I am bringing home child #12 (adoption #8) from Ethiopia and she is a non-english speaking almost 12 year old. I am scared stiff....the oldest I have ever adopted is 6. I have some questions and know no one else in my shoes.

David and Janet Hurley said...

I know you are happy to be home! I'm such a cool mom, I had to look up what a rockboard scooter is. Looks like fun for all=)