Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jackpot - Pictures of Mia!

2 weeks ago a family traveled to meet their two daughters! Their girls were at the same orphanage as our Mia!

They offered to try to get some pics of our daughter and a couple other waiting girls!

I never imagined that we would get so many wonderful pics of Mia!

We were thrilled, shocked and amazed at what we found in our mailbox!

Thank you Debbie!!


Mia is a little younger than some of the other girls. I think they range in age from 10-13. Mia is 10.5 yrs old.
(above) The girl on left of Mia is 13 and will be adopted this September.
The girl in the middle(12 yrs old) with coral dress and white leggings was just adopted and they were visiting the orphanage.
I am not sure about the other children.
Praying they all get families.

Of course I love any pic with her in it! Even if it's a side view, back view, top of her head- whatever- I want it!

And what do I see here as her new Momma?
She will need braces!
And she has only 4 teeth across the front that are adult teeth!
Hello tooth fairy!

I just can't get enough of this dear child!

This must be lunch?
It looks okay, I think?

Hopefully her room here will not look like this!

The two girls that have just been adopted are doing pretty good but they have been challenging at times.
It is such a hard transition when they are adopted at an older age. 
For those that want to be adopted I think it is still the best option.
Praying Mia will feel that way too!

We have heard that some of the children are small due to malnutrition. We will be feeding her very healthy foods AND have her growth hormone checked.

This girl right behind Mia has a family. She will probably be adopted just before or around the same time as our girl!

We have a beauty mark under her jaw on the right side!

I think we will recognize her when we meet her in CHina! I have now seen her from every angle! Actually so have you!


Laura L. said...

Jackpot is right! How wonderful to have received photos of Mia. She is such a pretty girl. Congrats!

Tesseraemum said...

Mia is a doll!
She looks really spunky! I think she will fit in just perfectly with your crew!

Jodi said...

What a blessing!!!! Such a beautiful little girl! What a great traveling family to bless you with such great photos!

Wendy said...

What an adorable little girl!!!! She is really cute and that smile...just beautiful!!!!

Angie said...

She is beautiful! I hope her transition will be smooth. The girl in the green looks so sad...breaks my heart.

Shonni said...

What an awesome blessing!!! She is adorable.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! She is just so beautiful!!!!

Rebecca said...

She is so cute! Looks just like a Mulvahill:) congratulations!!!

The Heald Family said...

She is adorable!
I bet that makes you even more ready:)

Debbie said...

Mia is a precious girl. Always smiling. Always wanted me to take her picture and then show her. I feel blessed to have spent 2.5 hours with these precious children. They were ALL happy. And several asked "when is my mama and baba coming'. Mia was one of them who asked. She is READY! I can not wait to follow your journey to Mia. Yes, we have had challenging times, but also precious moments (have already heard several times "I love you mama". ) Bring a digital camera. My girls took 700 photos the first week. :-) And if you can, and want to, try to go back to the SWI to say goodbye. My girls did SO much better after the visit. It's like they could move on now. Love, Debbie

LaRita said...

Jean, I'm so excited for y'all! She looks lovely! I got new pics today too! Check us out at www.curlymonkeyshines.blogspot.com! Elaina and I will be traveling in October to bring Victoria home. We are so close now I'm ready to throw my stuff into the suitcase and go!!

Susan A said...

She's so pretty, what a cute, sweet smile! :) and the jackpot reminds me of the huge rainbow that was near me and my nephew as we walked in the rain under umbrellas yesterday... Luke (my nephew, age 11) said, "people says there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" and he mentioned the house that that rainbow was over, "that's an American house"... (we are in Australia)... the rainbow was so very much 3D, we could see both ends of the bow right near us! awesomeness. May the Lord give Mia peace in her heart about going to be with you and your family, and for His peace and wisdom on your family too! :)

Rebekah said...

Yes, you did hit the jackpot! How wonderful! SHe is adorable, too!

Pam said...

Mia is just darling. And what a smile she has! Debbie is the BEST! We go waaaay back!

Sue said...

She is beautiful and looks happier then most girls her age in an orphanage.

LBC said...

I am still astounded that Debbie got so many great photos! I know the girl in green has a family coming for her. And the girl wearing the white shirt with a face on it is LWB's Maya; she has aged out of adoption eligibility. :(

Anonymous said...

Wowza!!! I'll say you hit the jackpot! Could this precious-petunia be any cuter??? Oh, how excited I am for all of you!!!

kimjax said...

She has a beautiful smile, Jean! So happy for you all!

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh I am so happy for you to get these from another parent, a fellow adoptive parent who sees how we see!!! Mia is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Judy Deaton said...

Mia is beautiful! All your kiddos are;) So she will fit right in! Blessings to you on this next phase! I would love to pick your brain on your dicipline methods, organizational methods, and general coping methods:) How do you organize your day.....what does that look like, who does what chores etc. Can you do a post on that? or email me!
Gods blessings on your family!

Sammy said...

She's pretty and looks like she'll have a great personality. So glad she is getting a family.

Looking at the food you wonder why they are so picky when they get her!