Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Sp*derman! A Must See! And Abby...

Anyone genetically related to us CANNOT do this!
This is amazing!
He is amazing!

This lil guy came to us with all muscle, not so much coordination BUT all muscle!

Obviously he has learned the coordination part!

He did this ALL on his own!

Is there any Olymp*cs for this sport?
I think he'd win the gold!!

Please say prayers for Abby- she has a bone marrow and liver biopsy tomorrow (Friday).
We are praying to see good results!
In other words- no major cell changes, no signs of leukemia and liver tissue as healthy as possible.
This will give us a good base line for the iron level in her liver. 
We have been diligent with her chelations and medications between chelations. We think she is looking healthier, happier and more energetic.
We pray that what we "think we see",  is actually happening...

God is SO GOOD!
HE is in control!
All glory and praises go to HIM!


Anonymous said...

Praying for Abby!!!

Lori said...

SO hilarious, that little spider man! I think gymnastics are in his future.

Abby really does look healthier! I will be praying!!

Rebecca said...

There was a commercial about one of the USA gymnasts tonight. Apparently at the age of 4, he wandered off from his mom in a dept. store and climbed the wall to the ceiling. He's been in gymnastics ever since! I can't remember which guy it was though:( I thought of your little climber when I saw that picture. Too cute. Sign the boy up today!
Blessings and prayers for miss Abby,

Holly said...

Oh, I am praying!!

Rachel's Blog said...

Haha, I used to do that in our doorways too when I was was fun because parents were always SO impressed lol!! :-) He's so cute!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAISE GOD for that little guy- awesome.

PRAYING for Abigail!!!!!

AND I LOVE your new sweet girls!!!! I agree names are soo very important!!! We spend A LOT of time on the name thing too :)

Sue said...

I missed you at playgroup, but now know why. I hope everything thing went well and will say extra prayers that their is good news.

The Heald Family said...

praying for Abby!
What a cutie - little Sam:)

Patti said...

Praying for Your precious Abby :) that Jesus will wrap her securely in His Love and He will Definately,Miraculously heal her :) So excited for your new little girls.... They are all adorable!!! God Bless you and your sweet family:)

Shonni said...

I have several little Asians that love to climb in my door ways too...LOL
I am praying for you always, and will be praying for little Abby. She does look so good in that picture.