Friday, August 10, 2012

School's in session!

We started school about a week ago.
The children were excited to have the school year begin! Bye, bye kindergarten, hello 1st grade!! 
With our upcoming trip to China this winter I knew we had to get as much as possible done!

Sarah is doing Abek* 3rd grade. It's a good fit for her!
She is successful at it but it's still challenging.
I know she would like to get "caught up" but I'm not sure how that will happen. 
This is one of the big challenges with older child adoption? Where do they belong in school, especially if they have had very little education in their birth country( China ).

Abby is just getting used to learning. Even though she was in a preschool in China they must not have done any academics. Everything was knew to her- she could not count and she did not know her colors. I was discouraged when she first came home. She had very little interest in learning anything- academic wise or behavior wise. I am sure the fact that she was not feeling well and EVERYthing was new to her played a huge part in her learning abilities.

After being home 6 month she is beginning to learn- which thrills me!!
It's slow but going in the right direction!

Anna, Ava, Sam and Ellie are all in first grade.
It is nice to have this group working together. They have different strengths and some may need more help that others at different times but hopefully they can stay in the grade together!

Anna is an awesome reader with a photographic memory, she's way ahead of first grade. Ava is a natural at math and an all around great student.

Ellie works hard and has a wonderful attitude! She needs lots of positive feedback and repetition.
My biggest concern for Ellie is her speech- which is another post.

Sam is a little young for the grade (August Birthday) but he does well. IF he were to ever go to school- I would put him in the grade younger.

Luke is copying everything Sam does- it's adorable!
Luke is only 3 yrs old, he will go to preschool 2 afternoons a week starting in September!

I love homeschooling these children and knowing where they are academically. I love spending the day with them!
However, I do love my afternoon off each week!
I run errands, maybe have lunch with hubby, go to an appointment and just have a moment to myself!
It's very "refueling"!
It's the afternoon that God and I spend away from the kids!
As I pray my way through the day!
When I come home I am excited to see the kids!

Ellie has beautiful handwriting! All the kids are working on cursive!

Ava has an artistic flare, she is very creative!

Abby and Emma are doing some preschool work, some kindergarten and joining us for a few subject!

So far so good!


Joy said...

Love this post! I used Abeka for our first daughter's kindergarten. I really like it a lot. I switched to BJU Press DVD because when I showed two of my girls the Abeka DVD demo and then the BJU Press DVD demo, they really liked the BJU one better.

Our Sarah, who is 17 years old, turning 18 in January, is doing 2nd grade DVDs. If you think it would encourage your Sarah, please share that with her. Let her know that there is another girl from China working very hard like she is to get her education.

I hope you have a wonderful school year. We start the 20th.

Rebecca said...

Wow Jean! That looks and sounds great! Your classroom looks amazing. Your kids are all so adorable. Hope y'all have a wonderful school year!!!

Angie said...

Phew! And I think I'm running crazy trying to teach 4 kids! We started with just math and history this past week and all is going well so far. It feels good to be getting back into a schedule. I'm taking a leap with Amarin this year and skipping a grade in grammar and math to see if I can get him caught up. My school post will come soon, too!

Sue said...

I did homeschooling for one day and enjoyed it a lot. It is tricky with older child adoption as we have struggles with Erin, but like you we just keep teaching and praise them for the good work. Anna hair is getting so long.

Annie said...

We are using Abeka this year for math and I think Caleb will like it. We did BJU last year and I just don't think it was a good fit for him and it was expensive so we are shoe-stringing it this year! LOL! A dear friend of mine help me put together a very cheap curriculum and I am excited to see how he does with it. Hope to bring the girls home next year, maybe??? The older boys just don't want to be home schooled but we still talk about it! You are awesome to be able to school all of yours!!! Love it!

Pam said...

I LOVED this peek into your school day! Love your school room, too.

Shonni said...

It’s amazing seeing all your little ones together and doing their school - so adorable! I know that it is a lot of work also and will be praying for you my sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the book my friend. you are doing a great job with the children.
God bless the mulvahills
laura said...

We start back homeschooling in two weeks. I LOVE the containers you are using for the kids supplies. What do they keep in them? Where did you purchase them? How do you store their books and workbooks?

Sarah said...

I love reading about how you've adjusted your homeschooling to fit your children's needs. It sounds wonderful and it looks like they're all doing great!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Any suggestions for a Math and LA curriculum for a struggling 1st/2nd grader?

Karin said...

I get so amazed (and tired) reading how you do school with all your sweet kiddos. You are such a great mom!

The McIntires said...

Hello! I just happened upon your blog and saw that you adopted Luke! I had no idea! I have been wondering where and who his new family was since he left MS. I am so glad to see that it is you! I think often about him. Such a sweet little boy, our daughter's (Faith) best friend from MS. So glad to see him so happy and healthy! We enjoyed getting to meet him when we went to China.