Wednesday, August 29, 2012

State Fair!

This was the coolest day of the week (but still a very warm summer day), so we decided to go to the State Fair!

The kids LOVE going to the state fair each year!
It is a high light of the summer and signifies that it is coming to an end.

This is Abby and Luke's first time!
The other children really talked it up so expectation were high!

Luke was too young for most of the rides but we found a few for him!
Next year we will fill this ride as Melissa and Madeline join our family!

Anna carried the map around the whole time. She loved figuring out where we were and where we were going!

The big kids loved the slide!

Emma's face is so happy here!

The three stooges!

Yes... we all wore green so we could find each other!
It can get so crowded we didn't want to lose anyone!

Abby is so excited to be sporting a ponytail!

The giggled and spun around in the tea cup!

Luke was thrilled to be driving a red sparkly tractor!
He loves everything that moves- cars, trucks, trains and planes!

Sarah and Ellie loved this ride but it was not Emma's favorite.
I regretted having her go on it- I think it was a bit scary to her.

The merry go round was much more tame and everyone loved it!
Including me!
(yep, I wore green too!)

It is such a fun summer thing to do!
We had mini donuts, pronto pups, fresh lemonade, cheese curds and root beer floats!

Stuck in the horses stall!

Machinery Hill is one of the best parts!

I think I got myself some good farm hands!
Now we just need the farm!

This is one very happy boy!

He is just too cute!

A local hospital had a booth there and they were teaching about safety!
They were all very interested!
They asked the kids some questions and they were able to answer most of them- yay!

That is until the extra large overstuffed doggy showed up! Then their attention shifted to this cuddly pooch!

We decided not to venture through the more crowded spots of the state fair. With the large crew we had and my jet lag this was enough!

So we headed to Johnny's pre season soccer game. 
The kids loved playing in the water.

I forgot to take any pics of the game- oops!
But we won!

Part of me wanted to stop them... the neat freak part but then I came to my senses and realized there was nothing wrong about playing with water on a very hot summer day!

The shade was a much nicer place to view the game!

It was a very fun day for everyone!!


Wes said...

Emma is looking more and more settled in the photos over the summer.

Vicky said...

Love this post and all your photos! You have such a beautiful family!

Serving the King said...

You. Are. A. GREAT. Mom. The. End.

kimjax said...

You are so much fun, Jean! :)

Holly said...

You are amazing. No, really! And what is a pronto pup? going to google that now...what am I missing out on? hmmm...

Holly said...

ohhhhhhhhh, it's a corndog! wish that had vegetarian pronto pups ;)

Jennifer P said...

Love the t-shirts! Perfect in every way.

Karin said...

Oh my fun is that? Love all the pics of them on the rides.