Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Beginning of Our Adventure!

It was so wonderful to see Penny! We all miss her so much. 
The children will love this picture!

(I would have posted sooner BUT no internet- ack!)

After arriving in stuttgart, the next day Katie and I went on an adventure! 
On the way we saw these lovely cows in their pasture- so we had to stop and take pics!

When we got out of the car we heard bells.
Everyone of the cows were wearing a bell around their neck.
It was such a beautiful sound- similar to chimes in the wind.

Later that day we found out that each cow bell has it's own sound and the farmer know what cow it is just by the sound of the bell it is wearing!

Katie was eager to try out her new photography lens so we made a few more stops along the way!
These pics were taken with my little Cannon point and shoot- it so easy and all I have time for ;-)

During this time in Germany I had decided to take up photography with Kate...
I gave up taking photography with Kate...
That hobby had a short life span!

I LOVE photography but probably don't have the time right now?
Who knows... maybe I'll take it back up again sometime soon ;-)

We drove into the mountains in southern Germany-
 they were breathtakingly beautiful!

Katie just got her license in Germany! She did a great job driving!
NO, this is not our car but it was just ahead of us and I could not resist taking a picture of it!
It reminds me of the car my Mom drove when I was very young!
Whoa, I'm dating myself... I mean my grandmother drove when my mother was young...

I have a thang for windows...
I really do... I love windows... especially windows like this one!

Here is the cute room we stayed in!
Did you know they don't have air conditioning in Europe?
I just found that out!
So we slept with many windows wide open because it was quite warm this week.

YEP... this lovely church was right out our window!
The steeples here are AWESOME!
However, they rang the church bells every 15 m.i.n.u.t.e.s.
all. night. long.

Yes they did! Every 15 minutes!
And do you remember me saying we slept... or didn't sleep... with the windows WIDE open!
After the first night we wanted to call the church and help them revise their bell ringing schedule!
After the second night we thought they were kind of pretty but every 15 minutes... really??
And then after the third night ;-)  we didn't hear a thing!
We slept like a log!

The room keys were old fashioned- BIG and heavy!
No chance of losing that thing!
We took turns carrying it!

Our room was on the corner with the rounded window!

There are crucifix's everywhere!
Praise Jesus!

And so many beautiful flowers!

The one problem when you travel with only one other person is...
you are rarely in pics together...

We just loved this cute house with it's flowers and 

adorable fence and

 adorable water fountain!

I had no idea Germany was so beautiful!

After settling in to our room we went out to eat dinner.
I love my sweet Katie so much!
It has been such a blessing to spend this time with her!

After dinner she asked me to smile...
and she took this picture...

Thanks Honey!
Next time you ask me to smile for a pic I'm going to think twice!

I carry floss!


Angie said...

Oh, these photos bring back so many wonderful memories...fluffy pillows and duvets, "onion dome" churches, mountains, cow bells, window boxes...and Southern Germany is absolutely gorgeous. I'm having fun reliving our time there with you...well...except the tooth photo! :)

Kim Zaw said...

I made the same mistake with the key when I was in Europe. You are not supposed to take the key with you. Your are supposed to drop it off at the front desk when you leave the hotel and pick it back up when you return. I have no idea why they don't tell you this :).

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh WOW, how wonderful and lovely and fabulous!! And BEAUTIFUL!

Love all your pics so much!

I feel like I was there with you!

(But so glad I wasn't there for the every 15-minute bell-ringing!)

Sue said...

Sounds like you are having fun, and what a great time with Katie....continue to enjoy it...

Hanna said...

Beautiful photos that brings me lovely memories of Switzerland where I stayed 15 years ago. Very similar of Germany and Switzerland.

Leslie said...

Wow, what a great trip Jean! And really, you just look more like Katie's sister than her Mom! Seriously!!! I know all of those children of yours are keeping you young!!!

I just love all of the photos ... well except the close-up of your teeth, though they are pearly white and straight LOL!

Thanks for sharing of your trip! Leslie