Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where In The World Am I?

On Saturday I hopped on a plane to Germany to visit Katie and Andrew! I have NEVER traveled by myself and to be honest it was a bit lonely. However, the travels went well


I landed in Germany...

I had my bag and I was exiting the baggage claim area, Andrew and Katie were in sight! I was 10 steps from hugging them when a man came up to me and asked me to please go into "customs".
Although it ruined an "oh so thankful to see you moment" I was happy to oblique!
After all, I was just a Momma going to visit my sweet daughter and son-in-love!
I had nothing to hide!

Once I was in the room, he was not so friendly but I was still cheerful!
I said be careful of this package it's for my daughter...
And then the questions began and the interrogation took another direction...

Evidently, I did something wrong that I was unaware of- I brought a birthday gift for our daughter and it was over the customs limit- I had no idea. I have only been to China to adopt children and have never run into this issue.

On top of that I guess I walked through the wrong door...
It was not clearly marked and again I had no clue that I had made this mistake.
Sadly to say, this man had been to the USA and had been detained for some reason in NYC (his experience included handcuffs) so he was not feeling so kindly towards Americans...

It was a bit of a fiasco and definitely a learning experience. I can certainly understand what I did unknowingly wrong but it could have been a much more congenial experience had he also had a kind heart.

Such is life with it's ups and downs and oh. so. many. learning experiences.
I prayed while being detained, Andrew and Katie were very helpful and God heard my prayers.
It ended as well as it could have and after a couple hours I was free!

Praise God!
Do we really realize how blessed we are to have the freedoms that we have in America?

I believe this man was doing his job. I also believe he could have handled it better and been more kind and less threatening towards me in this situation.

 and enjoy GERMANY!!
Thankfully I can enter the country again and I am cleared of this incident.


The town of Stuttgart is magnificent!
It is in a valley surrounded by mountains and hills.

The architecture is incredible!

I am in awe of it's beauty!

Today it was into the 90's! The hottest day so far!
The fountain felt great and cooled us off!

We found a Starbucks so I could have a coffee and "wake up"!

This cute cute little town is right next to the military base! I can't remember the name but will add it in later!
We ate at the restaurant on the right!

Katie loves photography and honestly this IS THE PLACE for it!
That is why I brought her a new lens for her birthday!

It is so wonderful to see the two of them!!
Andrew will be out of town for the next couple of days, so Kate and I are going sightseeing!

We ate at a Greek restaurant- it was so quaint and the food was soooo good!

I am so thankful to be here!

I have never traveled alone and never been to Europe.
I am so thankful for this opportunity!!


Angie said...

Brings back so many wonderful memories! We used to live in a little village called Klein Heppach...on the other side of Stuttgart, probably, from where you are. It is a beautiful country...enjoy your time!

Lori said...

Oh wow! How wonderful! (Except the customs part...UGH!)

LOVE your pictures! Can't wait for more.

ENJOY your visit!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh, I wish I could have made it too! :-) Tell Katie next time!!! You are going to have so much fun!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, how wonderful to be able to visit! I'm sorry for the difficult beginning, but I'm sure that the rest of the trip will make it well-worth-it!

Susan A said...

I'm sorry for the rough start, but I am so glad that you were able to visit Katie and cheer her up with mother love! :)

Emily said...

Well, poo on the customs guy. But at least you didn't let him put a damper on things. Enjoy your time with Katie in beautiful Germany! So glad you were able to make a visit to her so SOON!

Jen said...

Yuck! Sorry about the customs guy. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time despite the rocky start. I haven't been to Germany in a few years. I was an exchange student at 15 and have gone back many times since, but the busyness of life has kept me away for 6 years now. : (

Enjoy your time!

Anonymous said...

Jean! I'm so happy for you to get away and be in Germany with Katie, you are a great mama, how special.
Enjoy Every minute of it!
Saying a prayer for the fam. back home right now~
hugs to you

Holly said...

Love it!!! And love the pictures!! So sorry about the meany man at the airport. :(

Chad and Kristy said...

My Dad was military and my mom took her first overseas trip with him a few years ago to Germany. All went well until it was time to go home. They found an eye glass kit that my Dad had put in her backpack and they had a fit! They were yelling at her in German and broken English "What is this?" My little ole mom was like "I don't know it's my husbands! You can have it! I don't want it!" They finally let her go and she was traumatized for months:)Ha! I am glad you survived customs! Germany looks beautiful!

optimistikchick said...

I love Germany, however I had a similar experience in the Munich airport traveling during a layover on my way back from Russia when I adopted my son. Glad it worked out for you.