Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anna's surgery... a hitch

Anna went in for her surgery today.

She was unusually excited.

After seeing the other children have surgeries and procedures- it was finally her turn.
I think she wanted to private time with us and she had heard of the fun things the other kids were able to do and the movies they watched and the play doh, the puzzles, the balloons and stuffed animals and more...

I don't think she completely understood all that is involved with a hospital stay...

such as 

She had a palate lengthening and tightening.
A columnar lengthening (nose bumped up).

They did not do a P-flap, I was wrong.
Hopefully this surgery will help her with her speech
(or beach as Luke calls it- which is so cute, I have no desire to correct him)

The surgery went well and they called me into recovery. 
Anna was getting more and more agitated and crying.
As this was happening she was beginning to bleed more and more and more.

They called the Dr back to check on her.

I was getting concerned.

It was like a little faucet of dark red blood coming out her nose.

Our sitter had gotten sick so Hubby had returned home to be with the other children.
I called him back to the hospital and big brother Mark stepped in to take care of the children.

I didn't even realize it but I guess I said to the nurses...
"Okay ladies, we need to do something here... let's call the DR."
I know I thought it but I didn't realize that I had said it!

The Dr came back again.
Blood was in her mouth now.
He checked her repair inside her mouth. We (I mean they, oops I am in nurse mode again) decided to wait a little longer... before taking her back to the OR.

I texted to Linny and Sally to pray for Anna.

-half hour later-

The Doctor came back again.

The bleeding began to slow down.

Hubby arrived.

The bleeding had now slowed down significantly.
They checked her hemoglobin- it was okay.

The OR was cancelled.

Praise God!! He heard our prayers! So so thankful!

Everyone was wonderful!
She is spending the night in the PICU with her Daddy!
When I left she was comfortably resting with the TV on because ya know that's half the fun! 
TV on at all times of day and night!

Hopefully she can have something to drink tomorrow.
Popsicles, jello, juice!

She will hopefully come home on Saturday!

Praising God and so thankful for praying friends!


Sarah said...

Oh, sweet girl. Praise Jesus that she didn't have to go back to the OR. Praying for your little sweetheart.

Hanna said...

Poor Anna. Will contuine to pray for her to be healed.

Wife of the Prez said...

So thankful it stopped! When I saw your comment I was like oh no. I hope you all get to go home this weekend. As for your sitter, hope she is better. Sometimes don't you just feel like saying, "when do we catch a break?" ;) hugs to your Anna for a swift recovery, Leslie

Shauna said...

Praising God that He answered prayers! He is so good! We will continue to pray!

Nikki said...

Praise God!!!

Jen said...

Oh, I'm so glad she is better! Yes, praying friends are one of God's gifts! : ) I pray Anna continues to recover and heal and comes home soon.

Tera said...

Just came across your blog from someone else's and noticed you may be adopting 3 at once?! Wow! (Didn't even know you could do that?!) Bless your family! Your children all look to be blossoming in your home!

Janet said...

I am so glad Anna didn't have to go back to surgery. I certainly don't know the ins and outs of her case, but am glad they didn't do Pflap too...when I read your 1st post about surgery I was kindof shocked that they would tackle so much at one time, and the swelling from one procedure might affect the other. Our dr would not even pull a tooth at the same time as pflap. NOT trying to put doubt in your head about your Dr, just sharing our experience.
Praying Anna is eat/drinking well today!

Janet and Kevin said...

Praying for her speedy recovery! :)

janet and gang

Mom Of Many said...

YOu didn't answer my text!! I had to sign on to make sure Anna was fine. I have been caring for kids and then canning the rest of the day...12:47am and heading to bed...Much love...xoxoxoxoxo