Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back On Course and we will never live in the land of New Normal!

We are having a wonderful fall! 

Hubby and I love to do things with the children on the weekends. 
During the week while he works, we focus on school and some activities. As the weather gets colder we hope to get a few inside home projects done but for now we are enjoying the outside, 
with the lovely fall weather and the children!

The pictures on this post are from a fall festival in our community.

Things were a bit rocky around here when I got back from Germany.

We really hadn't settled "into-a-new-normal" (snicker, snicker)!
(Yes, I read Sonja's post on No Hands BUT Ours! I loved it because I missed the bus, too.)
Although when I read it I wasn't ready to admit I had missed the bus to "new normal land"- in fact I thought there was a chance I could still hop on the next one!)

We came home from China in December 2011 and went right into medical appts for Abby and Luke (and Sam too)!
Then we had a wedding to plan and more medical appts.
Then it was 2 graduations and the wedding. Then it was a trip to Germany and sending another off to college.


 I was home and ready!
Ready for what?
Ready for the new normal to kick in!

BUT, it didn't...

(BTW God's timing is not our timing. Why, must I learn this lesson over and over again!)

I was feeling very frustrated. 
We were out of sync... in fact we actually never got back into sync since we came home in December...

We just plowed through each day and did all that we had to do.
It worked for that moment in time. But now we have a chance to get back into a routine. 

(I think? Until the next big event that is!)

I had been praying and praying-
 for our school
for my attitude
for the children at home
for the children that will be joining us
for God's peace
for God's plan to be evident
...for a new normal...

But then I forgot to put my trust in him.

What did I want from our new normal?
happy children
clean house
pretty much everything delivered on a picture perfect platter...

I think I had let the world creep into our lives once again...
it's views
it's standards
it's desires

That is not our reality. 
It will never be our reality. 

And I would never change our reality for that picture perfect world. 
I love our imperfections!

No wonder, I was frustrated! 

It is not been until recently that God has once again reminded me of our mission-
 to love and serve HIM with gladness and singleness of heart.

It pleases us to please HIM!

So where are we at now?

I am happy to say we are once again at a good place! 

It's not "new normal land"because we have come to realize that normal does NOT exist for our family.
We have too many moving parts.

My homeschooling expectations are more in line with my students capabilities.

We will never all be at the same level seamlessly moving along. Each child will have their days of "getting it" and "not getting it". Some days we will get through all the material with flying colors and other days we may stumble. Both days are to be viewed as successful. Stumbling is part of learning.

I realized I needed to trust GOD. 
He has a plan and it will all work out according to his plan.

I needed to once again let him control my heart.

I needed to be nicer to myself and I needed to get our priorities back into the RIGHT order.

For now... we are on track... until we stumble again and HE once again picks us up.
So Thankful to our DEAR LORD!


Jennifer P said...

I think I get this. It IS all about perspective, isn't it? Thank you for the reminder to let my expectations be what God has planned for our family whatever that looks like. I have spent my time in China thinking about this very thing, changes to smooth out the rou edges.

Rebecca said...

I so get this! I feel the same way... And we haven't even travelled to get our girls yet. God is working on me. He's showing me how to view life moment by moment. This means I need to let go of my expectations and change my attitude. Ugh.. My attitude. That's the hardest part.

Laura said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really needed to hear your post today. Home schooling will never be perfect with our four adopted ones and all their issues. I really read this at the perfect time.

kimjax said...

LOVE this post, Jean!! Needed to hear it this week as my older dd falls asleep through history while the homegirls are enthralled. They're trying so hard to get the English - and "Connecticut" is just too hard, lol! At least she knows the continents (she once thought it was all China and America, lol) Off to pick them up at dance! Blessings to all of you - and pray for decisions here.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Just so you know . . . your "normal" will NEVER look like everyone else's normal. Nope. Not happenin'. :)

Your home should always looked "lived in".

Your focus needs to be on loving, teaching, training, and discipling your precious children.

The more imperfect people that live in the same house . . . the more difficult it is to "look perfect". Don't try to hide your imperfections. Learn to be proud (in a humble kind of way) of who you are . . . who God has created your family to be . . . and not to worry about "the Jones's" next door.

Our family is BIG . . . we are LOUD . . . we are not "Polished" in any way. Some of us may come off even as "a little rough around the edges". We have FUN . . . we love to LAUGH. We hurt each others' feelings. We dry each other's tears. We stick up for each other. We are who we are . . . and we gave up a long time ago of trying to fit into anyone's "mold".

mama of 12