Saturday, September 8, 2012

His Plan IS this Best Plan!

What a treat! BKF on the deck!
Eggs, bacon and toast! 
Yes, we are going to have to make room for more kiddos!
They all love eating meals outside when the weather is nice!
Our doggies desperately wanted to join us- sorry puppy dogs!
Eggs, bacon and toast would have been gone in the blink of an eye!

We are loving technology lately! It is so nice, easy and cheap to talk to these two in Germany!
We can have conversations as if they were sitting right across from us!
It is such a blessing!

BTW- they have a home and have just moved in this last week! They are still waiting for some of their things and for their wedding gifts. They should arrive in the end of this month.

I was praying for them and Katie was praying but finding a home seemed to be so challenging. Many homes they liked BUT somehow they would not work out...
With this home everything fell into place...
Except... it wasn't really the home that Katie liked...
So many of the others were larger, more storage, modern kitchen, etc...
  and she felt many others could be the one place they could call home.

She wondered how could this have happened with so much prayer going into it...
Really God?

So often our eyes do not see and then God makes it clear!

Then God revealed HIS plan!
Their are two American families living in the building, the landlord is nice and accommodating, it is close to public transportation, a church is next door, St*rbucks is a short walk away, a grassy area, pond and fountain are across the street (perfect for Penny), they have a beautiful view and they are downtown, the bakery is a block away, and it's bigger than she thought AND they have less furniture than they thought!
(I was able to see this place before leaving Germany!)

She is happy!
He is happy!

GOD is so good!
His plan is always the BEST plan!
Thank you Lord for taking care of them!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love technology- especially when you have parents in England- my hubby's parents that is. My parents don't do all.....oh well.

Love all your picks!!! Can't wait for the new sweeties to be HOME!!! YEA!!!!!

Susan A said...

awesome, I'm happy for Katie :)

and yes, it is a blessing to have skype or oovoo, it's amazing, really. On opposite sides of the world, seeing and chatting almost in an instant. The Lord is soooo good! :)

Hanna said...

Yes I agree that technology is so easy! Much better now than many years ago when I was young! Wow! The Lord is so good to Katie when she was praying to Him!

Sarah said...

It sounds just right...wonderful!

Angie said...

Well, being close to a bakery just cinches it...perfect for grabbing some awesome bread or a pretzel with butter! And what's even cooler, is that they see the Lord's hand in it, and not disappointed that it didn't work out how they had planned. God's way is best!

Annie said...

Aw, so happy for them! YEP, the Lord's plan is always the best and I think that many times He is working the hardest for us when we do not see it until He reveals it to us!!!!

Oh and my kids love to eat on the porch too and I love it, esp right after I have vacuumed the floor:):)

Karin said...

That is so great that God led them to the perfect place to live! Love that story! :)

And if you are a Napoleon Dynamite fan... "I love technology...."