Saturday, September 29, 2012


This morning the Drs decided to unhook Anna's IV in hopes that she would get thirsty and drink.
She seemed to have a bounce to her step and had much more energy after a good night sleep!
(okay... fessing up time... hubby let her have the TV on ALL night the first night... I love him, I truly do, BUT this Momma caboshed the TV on all night, instantly!)

SOOOOOooooo, Anna and the Daddy of Anna had a good night sleep last night!
Praise GOD!!

ALL your prayers were heard!
Praise GOD!!

ANNA did get thirsty and drank!
Then she took walks and pooped!

So our sweet girl was ready to come home!!
Praise God!
And thank you for your prayers!!
They were heard!


She is doing pretty good right now.
She will sleeping with her Momma and Daddy (with NO tv on!)

So so so thankful!!
Praying for a restful night!
I told her IF she needs more pain meds to just tap her Momma and I will give them to her!
(no crying, no elevated blood pressure, no gushing blood is necessary... just a gentle tap and pain meds will appear!)





Nikki said...

So glad she's home...praying for a restful night for you all!!!

Hanna said...

Halleluyah! The Lord is so good! Will continue to pray for her quick recovery.

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm so glad!!! Thank you, Jesus!

Shonni said...

I am so glad that ya’ll are home and praying that she continue in her recovery!

Liz said...

So glad she's home and once again surrounded by all her peeps! I bet they love having everyone together again and hate when one is out of the flock.

Hopefully she will heal quickly and not need much pain meds and I agree....NO BLEEDING!!!


Sammy said...

Hey, sorry I'm way off topic, but I saw we have something in common besides tons of Chinese kids. I noticed you have an elliptical in your bedroom like me. It's a must for people like us. : - ) I love your gold bedroom. As far as your husband and the TV... when you have as many kids and surgeries you and I do, you do what you got to do. Three of my kids have surgeries being scheduled right now.

Jodi said...

ohhhh so glad to see sweet Anna home and recovering!