Thursday, September 13, 2012

Homeschooling plus activities equals no time for anything else...

At this moment I am hiding while eating chocolate covered raison...

They(those that I am hiding from) have already found me and asked what I am doing- while looking longingly at the chocolate raisons.
I was short and sweet-

Okay, not my best parenting moment.

Homeschooling this crew has been a struggle.
We just haven't found a good routine.
Sure, we have had some good days but the curriculum we have 
IS TOO LONG and it's killin the FUN...

The content is great BUT some of it's got to go!

I need to make some changes... very soon.
I'll be taking out the scalpel and performing surgery on our curriculum - in other words cutting out some of it.

I have been so glad to have nursing experience with our expanding family.
Now I am wishing I had a degree in teaching too!
And a minor in organization and cooking and and and...

We did get our LID!!
It's 9/11
I know you can hardly stand the excitement!

Day 2
of the wait...

We were told the average wait is 3 months...
Only 88 more days!
(insert forced smile!)
 It looks like we may not travel until March?
I'm not complaining (well, kinda not!)
I'll take what ever I can get- I just wanna get them home!
Believe me on day 95 I'll be wondering what on earth I was whining about!

So far Melissa is staying Melissa. The other name I love is Jennifer- Jen, Jenny, Jenna- I know it's dated BUT I still love it.
Abby is Abigail Elizabeth so we have decided not to use that again, at this point!
And we have an Ellie- Ella, so that would not work as a nickname.
I do think that Melissa Mulvahill is a cute name!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for your suggestions!!
I'll keep you updated if their is a change!

Melissa's package was sent today!! YAY!! The SWI said they would get the package to her even though they will not give us any pictures. I am glad at least she will find out she has a family and she will see pictures of us!

We will try going through our agency for updated pics!
I can't give up so easily!

Once again I have made the huge mistake of signing the children up for too many activities.
  All of the activities are wonderful BUT it is just too much, too many and to busy.
I need to re evaluate.

We need to get the PEACE back into our life!

So along with the changing the school schedule I will need to change the activity schedule...
I want the children to have time to PLAY and just be kids!
(And time for me to get something done in the house!)
Wish me luck in the OR (operating room)!
Better yet, please say Prayers!!


Mama D’s Dozen said...

There can definitely be "too much of a good thing".

Too much good curriculum.

Too many good activities.

Yes. Let the children PLAY.

Let me know if you ever want to chat with someone who has homeschooled 8 or 10 kids at a time. It can be done. :) (This is our 22nd year of homeschooling, and I "only" have 4 kids left at home. Still busy, but oh so different than homeschooling with all of The Littles.)

Be Blessed!

Laurel :)
mama of 12

Rebecca said...

Hi Jean!
Your life sounds like mine. It's been a bumpy start for us this year as well. The first day was perfect, and then kids got sick and all kinds of interruptions have gotten us off track and one cute preschooler is making it very hard to get much accomplished. It's a work in progress. I have often wondered how you homeschool all those kiddos, what curriculum you use, and do you bridge them together? Have you heard of "Heart of Dakota" curriculum. If not, look into it!
I'm not using it this year bc my kids are gapped too far apart in age, but it may work great for you.
Also a glimmer of hope: our LOA for 2 girls came in just 63 short days!!!
We are hoping to travel in November.

Sarah said...

hehehe...I usually wait until the kids go to bed to eat chocolate. But, sometimes if I'm really desperate, I do hide away in my room. The problem is that the second my door is shut, Grace is right there knocking on, it's not very relaxing, so not really worth it!

Kat said...

OH! So been there! It seems like about every six weeks I take the scalpel out. With eight at home, one just (a week ago) going through a HUGE surgery...AHHHHH! We're getting there though. Prayers for your little ones to join you SUPER soon!!!!

Angie said...

I'm with ya on overscheduling. It's very easy to do when there are lots of kiddos, because we want them all to have their "thing." This fall we over-did it. But, we'll plug along, and if needed, we can reassess, too. Deep breath...

Hanna said...

Good luck in the OR and praying that everything will go smooth for you! :)

quilt'n-mama said...

Friend, I relate. We have really good school days and really rough days... I'll be praying for you and you school.
I too am looking at what we can do and what we need to say no too.

Go glad to hear you got LID! Bring on the LOAs:)

Kristin said...

I'm only schooling 2 school agers, but little man is 18 months and into everything, so I feel like I'm being pulled into too many directions at once. Haven't really figured that part out, but we did cut 3 different things. I don't know what I was thinking, maybe I was supermom?!

Rebekah said...

I know what you mean! This year we are schooling 8 of our 9 (baby still takes 2 naps, yay!), and I have had to be very intentional with our schedule. All music lessons and therapies are lined up on Mondays (this took a lot of work, too), and Tuesday-Friday I am teaching SOMEONE from 8:30 til 4 PM. At first my "flesh" really struggled with the new schedule, but it is really working out well. We only leave those days for Wed. night church, once a month park days, and the occasional field trip. For us, this type of OR on our activities and school schedule was the only way to quality educate. And everyone gets plenty of time to play when I'm busy with other siblings' lessons. Now, if I could only find time for those piles of laundry on my bed. . . . .

Difference2This1 said...

Seriously don't know how you do all the homeschooling with all the different learning certainly would keep a Mama hopping all day long so stripping it down...seems like a great thought! With you on the chocolate...I too have my chocolate stash that NO ONE messes with...for survival, right?! :) You need to find a local high school homeschool kid who wants some volunteer hours to come over and help you teach!! I've talked a few here that do that...maybe there's someone there??

Your family is amazing and inspiring to all who are on journeys to love His children no matter what. Blessings, Jennifer

David and Janet Hurley said...

I feel you pain=) We started with a bang in late June---but are now just on day 30--which is very unlike me--so it drives me even more crazy. BUT hey--at least we have more days in than the local schools.