Sunday, September 2, 2012


Lot's of acronyms at our house nowadays!

This one is not adoption related.
It stands for Henoch-Shonlien Purpura.

I had never heard of it either until this little one was diagnosed with it.

It is an autoimmune reaction to a virus.

About 3.5 weeks ago Ava was not feeling well. She had a tummy ache, low grade fever, fatigue and she just wasn't herself. Then she developed the oddest rash. It was little red petechia on her legs and arms. The spots would grow to be about dime to nickel size and then turn into bruises.

That's when we went to the ER. 
After googling it and reading that it could be linked to bacterial meningitis and that it was a very serious rash, we were on our way to the ER at 11:00pm at night.

The rash got worse after a couple days and still persists 2 weeks later.

The Doctors in the ER new exactly what it was and it was not related to meningitis- whew!

She no longer has a fever and she does have some energy back but every might she is up with abdominal pain.

Her worst week was when I was gone- poor dear.
It was hard to be away from her when she was not feeling well.
It is not contagious. It was started by a virus and this is how her body reacted to it.

 It last for 4-6 weeks. I am guessing we are on the 6 week track...

Once it's gone, it's gone- she will not have any other lingering autoimmune effects.
Very thankful for that!

 Hopefully sleeping through the night will be in the near future!
For all of us!

Just thought I'd share in case any one else has symptoms like this.


Susan A said...

thank you for sharing about it with us Jean, and glad to hear that it will go away.

Have a blessed time with your blessings :)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! That is what Grace had this summer. She ended up in th hospital because she couldn't eat AT ALL. Even a sip of water made her throw up. She had it for 5 weeks, but the rash was so incredibly minor that it was harder to diagnose.

I'm so sorry that your little sweetheart has this, but glad that it sounds like she is still able to eat some.

Jodi said...

Jean, my Jorja has the same thing! She broke out within the first year of being home - but hasn't had anything since - seems to go hand in hand with bronchial illnesses, but can also affect the kidneys in the long term - nothing to be worried about - just keep an eye on. Praying sweet Ava gets feeling better very soon!

Sue said...

Never heard of it, but sounds like others have. Hope she is feeling better soon and everyone can sleep well at night.

Matt and Maria said...

My oldest had HSP when she was about 7. We had looked at 44 houses in 3 days with 3 kids (military move...), and signed the papers on house #44 that evening. She jumped on the trampoline for hours at the house that would become ours while we looked and decided. Later, when she complained of leg pain, we figured it was from jumping.

We went to dinner and drove back to our hotel. She refused to even walk to the room. Finally Matt carried her, and I was mad at her for acting up. Until I took off her clothes to put on her pajamas....

Not only did she have the bright red lesions all over he legs, but her knees were swollen like balloons. I thought she had developed rheumatoid arthritis! Scary! She was in a lot of pain, but it didn't attack her kidneys or bowels, so no lasting effects.

They told us she might have one more round of it before she turned 11. She did have a minor flare up about a month after she got better.

Hope your darling recovers quickly!

quilt'n-mama said...

We have been praying for your sweet girl (for you and all your kiddos actually:) and will continue.

So excited to hear that you are DTC as well! Praying things move along quickly through each of the next steps!

Eileen said...

My daughter had ITP, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, which also caused bruises. She looked like an abuse victim! With her, the doctors were initially worried it was leukemia. We were thrilled with ITP! Thankfully, 90% of kids outgrow it and our little girl had normal platelet counts within about a year.

Glad your Ava is fine!

Hanna said...

I have never heard of it. I pray Ava will get better sooner.

The Heald Family said...

Poor thing! I have never heard of that either!
excited you are DTC now:)
germany looked like a very special trip:)
love you

chavafor4 said...

My daughter has this and sadly still has many affects from it. If you email me I can tell you what to keep an eye on. Jenne chavafor at yahoo dot com (although am not good at keeping up with blog)

Mama D’s Dozen said...

So glad that the Dr. in the ER knew what it was. We had a child nearly die from bacterial meningitis when he was 3 years old. (He was actually in a coma, at death's door, for a full week.) So scary.

20+ years ago, we had a daughter with petechia. She had I.T.P. (idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura). Her symptoms were the same as leukemia, so we went through a little scare with that, as you did with the meningitis.

You know ... with our extra large families, we are sure to come across a wide variety of illnesses/diseases.


Laurel :)