Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mia's Gift!

We sent Mia a gift through Ann of Red Threads!
I can't wait for her to get the gift! 

Especially the photo album! 
Oh my, if only I could get a picture of her face when she sees how large her new family is!!
Hopefully she will be okay with it!

Today Anna asked for her own room... ahhhhhh, honey you're in the wrong family! I offered her the living room, she declined!
This was motivated by the desire for a "Dream Light". That is a lovely night light that light up the ceiling of the room. I have consistently said no... sleep is important around here and I don 't want anything in the room that may keep any little one up for even a moment longer!!

Mia knows she has a family!! YAYAY God!!
She is in 2nd grade and can do addition and subtraction but not multiplication or division.
She can read her Chinese school books. She does not know English.
Homeschooling should be interesting! 
No doubt I'll be praying my way through every day!

I think she will look adorable in this outfit!
Mia is little for almost 11 yrs old. She is only 4ft 2 1/2 inches tall. I did not get her weight but I am guessing she is around 63-64 lbs based on the last update of 59 lbs in April. 
Our Ellie is  4 ft 7 inches and 73 lbs. 
 Ellie is 9 months younger than Mia!

Ava is 7 yrs old, 4 ft inches tall and 53 lbs.
Ava is 3.5 years younger than Mia.
We will definitely have our "stair steps" BUT they will not be in order of age.

We are waiting to hear what date we were logged in! Our dossier (China paperwork) hung out for a few days in China before getting to CCCWA, while we gathered the references from all 5 of our older children. It was a requirement for us since we adopting 3 or maybe it's a requirement for everyone? I'm not sure?
Thank goodness all of the older children were kind while writing their references... I was a little concerned this would be a wonderful opportunity to remember back to the time they didn't get dessert, had a timeout or we said no to a sleepover!

Ann is working on the other two gifts now!!
I will share them when they are ready!!


Kristin said...

We sent a gift to our little girl by Ann also. I hope we get pictures. She doesn't know anything about having a family yet, so we're not sending an album just yet, but I'm excited to.

Sarah said...

Oh, she is just so cute! I'm sure that she'll love her package!!!

Julie said...

How precious your new daughter is! We are awaiting the word when we can send our new daughter a care package - can't wait. Looks like she will love her gifts and photos. She is going to be so excited when she sees all the new brothers and sisters. Congrats -

The Heald Family said...

so exciting!!!
It's amazing how the older ones do not really remember those times. Maybe going away to college helps them only remember the good times:)

Hanna said...

Mia will be thrilled to receive her package! Hope you will receive more photos of Madeline and Melissa soon.

Hezra said...

I love the "honey you are in the wrong family" at the room of one's own request. I say that here too. lol We have a boys dorm and a girls suite!