Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Gifts Sent to our Girls and Updates (kind of)!

We got an update our our sweet Maddie!

Only one pic came with it- Oh how I would LOVE more BUT I will be happy with whatever I can get!!

We have new measurements and she is also a peanut! Maddie is only 33 lbs and 3 ft 5.5 inches tall at almost 6 years old.

Her birthday is in October and we will send a cake and gift then. (hoping we will once again get a pic!)

They have moved her to a foster center in Guangzhou. She is happy, active, smart and independent. She is in preschool and learning how to read and write (smile).
She gets along well with the other children!

She speaks clearly (yay, no speech for this one!). She speaks Mandarin but understands Cantonese! Which makes me very happy because Sarah and the other children only know "some" mandarin (no cantonese). I was a little concerned she would be all cantonese since she is from Guangdong Province.

We also sent a gift to our darling Melissa but we were unable to get new pics of her. ;-(

We did get her height but that was it...
She is 3ft 9 inches.

Her birthday is November 10th- hoping... rather praying, for some new pics then!

Either way, I know we are just going to LOVE her!
Excited for the two little girls to get their gifts!!

God is so GOOD!

Thank you Jesus!!


Sarah said...

Oh, they are going to love their packages! They are both absolutely precious.

Eileen said...

Updates are so fun! It's too bad you can't get one for Melissa......I have such a special place in my heart for her!

With our two, we never got any updated pictures. As much as I would have loved them, in some ways it made it kind of fun to see how much they'd changed when we met them.......although with our son especially, he'd grown up so much that it was a little sad.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awww....Love seeing the pictures and praying for your new sweeties!!!!

PRAYING for Abby as well! GOD HEALS!!!! HE KNOWS!!!

What is normal? Ummm....NO IDEA! Not sure I want it, but a routine and some consistency would be great every once in a while ;)

Annie said...

SO cute!! It may only be one pic but it is CUTE one!!!!!!

Shonni said...

Love hearing about your little darling’s update. And praying for your family.