Monday, September 3, 2012

So Long Swimming...

We went to the pool today for the last time this summer.

Swimming is the children's favorite thing to do!
We wish the pool would stay open longer...

We made the most of our time and spent 4 hours there!
We will continue with swim lessons for a few months but it just doesn't take the place of this pool!

Anna, Ava and Sam are now going off the diving board and slide along with Sarah and Ellie! They are swimming regularly in the deep end and doing so well!

Emma's swimming skills are coming along nicely. She can swim for a short period of time but she cannot be over her head. 

Abby loves swimming and is really doing well. I am guessing next year she will be the next one off the diving board!?!

Luke is cautious but he also can go under water. He loves to play in the water!

The children all know their boundaries and what they are capable of doing. We are actually able to sit and watch them- while constantly counting to 8!!

Next year 3 treasures will join us at this pool!

And we will be constantly counting to 11!


Rebekah said...

I know what you mean about counting those kiddos! I feel like that is all I do when we are at the pool or beach. Going to the beach in a few weeks and we will count, count, count! ;) But boy do they love it!

Jennifer P said...

So wonderful is the day they go under and come back up on their own and mama can take a little breath. An important skill in the land of lakes isn't it?

Serving the King said...

I agree with Jennifer, the day they can do it all by themselves and you can take a breath or two is a good day! Course you amaze me anyway, doesn't appear as though you need a breath! You are amazing! I was thinking of you as I was typing up my NHBO post for yesterday....I truly don't know how you do it. How you manage everyone's newly engaging personalities and such....I think you need to write a book...or better yet come over for coffee and tell me what the heck I'm doing wrong!

Sarah said...

Swimming is really a great thing for multiple ages of kids, isn't it?! We didn't get to swim too much this summer, but we're hoping to do more indoor swimming this winter.

Julie said...

I remember when my older four (my bio children) were in the baby pool and I used to look over longingly at the "big" pool wishing for the day they would graduate to that pool and we could hang out over there. Then when were finally all at the big pool, I used to wonder when I would ever get to sit in a lounge chair, poolside, and even flip through a magazine as they swim. I think I had one summer like that before we started adding little ones to our crew and I have to was boring!!! I am so happy to be back in the pool (getting some exercise), swimming, catching, doing handstands, and counting kids...We are a sad family also now that summer is over and the pool is closed! Blessings to yours -

Annie said...

Oh I know Jean!!!! I so hate to see summer go! The craziness of school and soccer replaces the laziness of summer!!