Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update on Abby's Health

Abby is doing really well!

She still needs blood transfusions every 3-4 weeks and chelations every 2 weeks, along with chelating medicine every day.
But her body seems to be responding to all that we are doing!

We do not know what she has- the tests have been inconclusive?
The doctors are questioning her diagnosis of MDS and the second diagnosis of siderblastic anemia.
With the last bone marrow biopsy they did not see ANY dysplastic cells OR ringed siderblasts.
(it could have just been the sample they took but I happen to have other thoughts on why they did not see those cells)

They are continuing to run tests on her bone marrow and blood. They have sent samples to be studied at Boston Children's Hospital.

Right now, the doctors do not feel that a bone marrow transplant is imminent.
They think we can wait AND we may even be able to choose when we want it done- depending on the diagnosis!

Does she have Leukemia? 
No, she does not have Leukemia.
Could it change into Leukemia?
Yes, it could but there is a chance it will not.  If it does turn into Leukemia the bone marrow transplant will happen immediately.

What do I think?
I think that our GOD is at work!
I think he hears the prayers of many and I think he is moving mountains.
A month ago I talked to the Hematologist and my heart leapt inside me, I could feel the God's spirit as she spoke. At that time I felt like I was hearing good news but I really didn't know what it meant. Sometimes it take awhile for things to sink in. Today I was able to follow up with questions to better understand her situation.

Do I think she will someday possibly need a bone marrow transplant?
Yes I do, but I am thankful that right now it does not seem to be an emergency.

Now to the most important part!

God to continue to heal Abby
for an accurate diagnosis. 

Thank you for your prayers!


Susan A said...

This is a heartwarming post with hope! yes, I will do pray for Abby! :)

Jen said...

Very encouraging news! I will continue to keep Abby in my prayers.

Hanna said...

That is great! Yes I will continue to pray for Abby.

Love for Lilly Yin said...

That is great news, I have wondered how she is doing! She looks so happy and healthy!
BTW- where did you get the purple outfit? Lilly loves all things purple! She would love that!

Angie said...

PTL! Abby continues to be on my prayer list!

Sarah said...

Oh, Abby is such a beautiful, precious girl! I'm so happy for this good news. I will be praying for her.

Sammy said...

I'll keep her in my prayers. For right now it is wonderful she is getting all the love she deserves from all of you!

Annie said...

Praying my sweet friend!!!!