Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's happening with us...

In August we went to the school store to get our college gear for the soccer games!
The manager of the shop took a few pics of the kids in their Tommie gear!

Big brother Johnny is going to college at a local Catholic University and we want to be there to support him!!
a new shirt is always fun to get!

Of course, if the new shirt is in the laundry anything with purple will do!!

Including a cozy blanket!

Ellie got braces on a week ago!! She's finally back to eating regular food.

We lay blankets out, have a snack or picnic lunch between the trees, fence and field.

And constantly count to eight to make sure they are all there while trying to watch the game!
Last time Hubby said I'm only counting to 7, we're missing one?
It was Ava!
She was behind the tree and out of view.

Emma and Sam where trying to carry Sarah...
it didn't work but it made for lots of laughter!

And then Emma and Ellie tried...
That didn't work either!

Anna is having surgery on Thursday. Please keep her in your prayers if you can!!
She is having a P flap, another nose bump up, another lip revision, re-repairing of her palate and closing the fistula in the roof of her mouth.
She should be in the hospital for 2 nights, 3 days... I think?

Even the little guys got in on the action!!

And so did the really, really big guys!!
(that would be me)

Johnny is #22!
Big brothers Mark and Billy come to the games too!

He really likes that we are all able to come to the games!

The older children and younger children have really bonded over the last year!
That has been to beneficial to both set of kids!
They all truly enjoy the fun of each other!

Go Tommies!!

We also found out that our dossier came out of translation on September 20th. The rumor going around is that after the dossier is out of translation, LOA should come in 3-4 weeks. Our agency can not confirm IF the rumor is true- so I'll get back to you on that one!
If October comes and goes... we will know it is NOT true!
Praying it's true and that we will be one step closer to bringing home our trio!!

It's Katie's Birthday today! She is spending it in Germany with new friends. But we are missing her here.   

Please keep them in your prayers for safety and for peace!

Thank you!


The Heald Family said...

Praying for Anna and Katie!

Chris said...

Our LOA came in less than 3 weeks from being out of translation. We weren't doing 3 though!

Sarah said...

I'll definitely be praying for Anna and for Katie, also.

Susan A said...

Praying that Andrew will be safe (with angels protecting him and others) and peace for Katie.

I love the happy pictures of your children!! :D

Hanna said...

Praying for Anna having surgery and safety for Andrew and peace for Katie. Ellie's braces are nice colorful! I love your happy pictures especially you laughing. :)

Sammy said...

Praying her surgery goes great! It is bad when you have to count kids all the time. I'm right there with ya!

Rebekah said...

I know what you mean about counting those kids. We are at the beach, and those calls for lots of counting!

I will be remembering your kiddos in prayer and hoping you see LOA in October!