Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Fun!

A couple weeks ago the kids did some raking for us!

They had no intentions of bagging up the leaves!

Instead they had their own plan!

And it included having LOTS of fun with those leaves!

So they gathered as many as they could and then . . .

they spent the next half hour throwing them in the air and jumping around in them!

Even one of our puppy dogs got into it!

You can hardly see her! 
She is in the middle, buried in leaves!

I am trying to be a more fun Momma.

But of course when I saw this...
 "bath night" immediately came to mind!

On bath night, we divide bath duties and conquer the large task looming in front of us.

Sarah and Ellie can shower by themselves!

If Hubby is home he does the two little boys!

I do the three little girls (soon to be 5 little girls).

Jim, Sarah and I take turns washing Emma's hair. 
(Sarah actually likes to do it!)
Then I get Emma set up in the tub. She is learning to do most of the bath herself.
So thankful that she is making baby steps in the right direction!

Can I have your feedback regarding-
At what age can children shower by themselves? Just wondering your thoughts?

This is my favorite pic!
It makes me smile!


Renae said...

I believe that it isn't really the age of the child, but the maturity level and if you can trust them enough to wash themselves in the shower and not just goof around. Before they shower completely on their own, though, I would be in the bathroom with them and watch, basically to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, but also to judge whether they are ready or not.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Definitely praying for the situation!

LOVE fall leaf play! I am with you though.....spells bath time! It is a divide and conquer around here too. We start letting ours take a bath or shower - whichever they prefer at the moment when they are around 6 or so....but dependent largely on checking up on them for a long time as well as maturity! ;)

Sue said...

My girls started taking showers by themselves around 8 years old. I at first would check on them many times, but now they are pros at it. I think it goes by maturity and the first couple of times watch them and make sure they know how to use shampoo (not squeezing it all out of the bottle) and that they use soap.

Janet and Kevin said...

Cute pictures. I love fall!

I still supervise Sophia and Philip who basically take a shower by themselves except that I help wash their backs and necks. I do make sure that they are really clean and not just a little watered down though! :)

janet and gang

Sarah said...

Great photos!

Grace just turned 8 and takes a shower by herself. Although, sometimes we have to check in on our 11 year old son, as it seems like he barely gets wet during some of his showers!

thesleepyknitter said...

I agree with Renae that it's the maturity rather than the age that counts. I think our nine-year-old is more than capable of bathing by herself -- she did every day in China when my husband went to bring home the girls -- but she wants my help (or more likely my companionship) here, and I'm guessing that will go on for a couple more years until she begins to be embarrassed about, well, stuff. :-)

Difference2This1 said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful kids :) Blessings, Jennifer

Laura L. said...

You are a completely normal momma in thinking of bath night immediately. I am the same way. You are all sweaty now and I just gave you a bath!!! Haha.
I agree with the above poster. Showers depending on maturity level. Jadyn has been showering for a couple years. I shampoo the hair and she does the rest. She is 7.

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Mine have been showering alone since around 7 I think... love the pics!

Sammy said...

I had to think about that one. I have 3 that are 10 y.o. now and one almost 10 and I think they have been taking baths by themselves about 2 years so around 8 y.o. Of course, no matter how old they are when you get them from China you have to teach them how to take a bath. : - ) At least my older ones had no clue since I guess they were use to showers. One had to carry her own water so not sure how she was cleaning.

Bobby and Regina said...

We now have 4 girls from China, ranging from 6-15. Adopted backwards, youngest to oldest! The first was 18 months, the second 3 years, 8 months, and the last two, home almost 2 years now, were 7 & 13. We also have 2 grown bio boys, and I am trying to convince my husband of 30 years, that we too, need at least one more!! All our girls are SN adoptions except the oldest, who was only 1 month from aging out when we got her. You have an amazing family, and I will be sharing your blog/story with my hubby!! Blessings to you! Regina

Janet said...

Looks like everybody is in about the same boat on showers. Seems like my bio kids did it alone around 6, except for girls hair. Of the China kids, I have two 8's and a 7 who are capable, a 6, 8, and 9 whom I still help or heavily oversee...2 which are mentally challenged.
I can't believe ya'll are still wearing shorts! I did have short sleaves on most days this week in AL.