Sunday, October 14, 2012

Guess Who's Home?

Yep!! It's Katie, our married daughter from Germany!
We are so excited to have her home for a little while!

Her wonderful Hubby Andrew is deployed, so Katie decided to move her November trip home to October.
Once her hubby Andrew is back, she does NOT want to leave him so changing her trip home worked out perfectly.
Of course we miss Andrew- big time,
 and are praying for him and for the safety of the troops that are with him. 

We are so thankful to God to have Katie home for a little while and to boost her spirits!

PLEASE PRAY for our troops!

We love you ANDREW!!


Emily said...

Oh Jean,I hope you enjoy every moment of having your Katie home!

With 2 West Point grads in our family, and our nephew currently at Annapolis,we fully appreciate the sacrifices of our military AND their families. THANK YOU, Andrew and Katie!

Vicky said...

Having lived in Germany 30+ years ago, I know first hand how lonely it can be when the troops are deployed, especially if you are from a large close family! I pray for our troops and their families daily. Thanks to your Andrew and Katie for making the sacrifice for us!

I'm so happy that Katie is there to share the happy wonderful times with you and your family! Waiting with you will certainly be more fun!

Lori said...

OH, Jean...I am SO HAPPY for you that Katie is home for a little bit!! What a super fun blessing!!!

Enjoy every single minute!!

And praise JESUS for men like Andrew who protect our great nation and the precious freedom we are forever grateful for!!!!

Hanna said...

Wonderful to have Katie to stay with you and family for a little while! Did she bring her dog with her? Praying for Andrew and the troop for safety.

Sally-Girl! said...

Welcome home sweet Kate!!!! I know how much your mama was looking forward to you coming home!!! Have fun!

Sarah said...

How fun to have Katie home with you!!

Kelly Marriott said...

How wonderful for the whole family! I bet the kids are thrilled. Did Penny come home too?

Janet and Kevin said...

Will be praying for Andrew. Enjoy the time with your daughter!

janet and gang

Renee said...

What a sweet gift!