Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet Ming!

This is Ming.
He is an orphan in China that is waiting...
for a forever family...

A friend of mine who is living and working in China met him and fell in love with him.
God placed in her heart to advocate for him!

This is what my friend wrote-

Meet Ming. He is a spunky, seven-year-old Chinese boy in need of a forever family.
 His estimated birthdate is September 15, 2005.

I first met Ming in May 2011, when I visited the children’s welfare
institution where he lives as part of a team that was sent to assess all of
the children there. Personally, I found him to be an adorable and very
lovable child. Professionally, I described him as curious, persistent, and
a bit noncompliant – but not naughty or aggressive.  He seems to be very resilient.” He had a
winning charm and an adorable way about him.

Ming was evaluated by several American professionals. He was
administered the Denver Developmental Screener by an Occupational
Therapist. She reported that his motor development was “Typical. The
only delayed items are on things he hasn’t had opportunity to learn,
such as coloring.” Developmental skills that his caretakers reported he
was able to do or that he demonstrated during the screening included:
naming a friend, washing and drying his hands, dressing by himself,
copying a square and circle, understanding prepositions, knowing three
adjectives, counting to five blocks, balancing on one foot for 6 seconds,
doing a heel-to-toe walk, and drawing a person with three parts.
Additionally, Ming can walk, run and climb! As the psychologist on
the team, I tested Ming’s intellectual functioning using a few subtests
of the WPPSI-3. This testing ruled out a cognitive deficit.

Ming’s primary medical issue is congenital scoliosis. Ming was given a
physical by a medical doctor who has extensive experience with
institutionalized children. The physician was concerned that if left
untreated, Ming’s spinal curvature would worsen and threaten his
mobility and organ functioning. With the help of two US-based spine
specialists, I have developed a medical wish list including the tests that
are needed to develop a treatment plan. One surgeon said that based on
the photos, his best guess is that Ming may need a spinal fusion. This
requires placing screws and rods in his back to correct the curve. 
If he gets the medical care he needs the outcome can be
quite good. 

Ming’s adoption may take place through Children’s Home Society and
Family Services of MN, or another cooperating agency. You do not
have to live in MN to adopt MN, as his file can be transferred. Couples
and single woman can adopt from China. The upper age range for
parents is about 58, and they will now consider people who are taking
anti-depressants if the condition is well managed. If you are seriously
interested considering adopting Ming, please contact a Waiting Child Adoption Social Worker at


Friends, please consider adopting a waiting child whether it is Ming or one of the other adorable children on my sidebar or another waiting child that you have found.

These children NEED homes- they need families, they need love, they need parents, and medical help.

We have seen God's miracles within our own home!
We have seen children blossom, medical conditions change and health restored to a child.
When you adopt a child you are giving them hope for a bright future!
Adoption is an incredible miracle!

If you are unable to bring a child home please pray for them!!
Thank you!!


Sally-Girl! said...

He is adorable!!!!! Oh Jean, this is so unfar that you tug at my heart strings like this when I feel ten is my max!!!

Sarah said...

What a precious boy. Praying for more and more Christian families to adopt these precious blessings!