Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Apple Orchard!

We love going to the apple orchard in the fall!
The children look forward to it all year long!

They get to ride ponies and do so many other fun things!

However I do think it is interesting that we do not get to pick apples at the apple orchard.
This year they said it was because of the late April frost, that wiped out half their apples...could be. BUT I am thinking they probably don't want hundreds of eager children climbing the apple trees and picking apples!

I know this is redundant....
Pic after pic of our sweeties riding a pony!
BUT, to them it was so so exciting!

Some of them remember it from last year AND the others have never been on a pony/horse!

Like this little guy!

He could not stop talking about it!
It was such a highlight to him!
Thank you Jesus- for this incredible little boy!!

They had other animals at the apple orchard farm!

The goats will eat anything!
Including any leaves, branches or left over feed on the ground!

Do you need any help?
I bet the branches are hard to get off the shrub!

After the farm animals and the hay maze we went to the tractor ride!

Are they happy heifers or what!

Bye, bye children come back soon!

And here they are!

What I love most are the simple pleasures!
This is a for real smile on Emma's face!

Thank you God for this wonderful day!

This is Anna pre surgery.
She is really doing well right now- post surgery!
Her nose is adorable and we think she will be speaking much more clearly!
(She is a bit congested right now so we will have to evaluate in a couple weeks!)

Next was the pillow jump!

Our crew really got into the extra large trampoline!

And then... they found the sand... AND I knew right then and there...
it was bath night!

Next we picked raspberries!

EVERYONE loved picking raspberries!
I was a supervisor AND consumer of the raspberry picking!

It was a really great job!
The raspberries were wonderful!
Shhhhh, don't tell!

I was also in charge of photography!

So I wasn't a complete deadbeat Mom!

They also had a store where we could buy our apples, caramel, ready to bake pies, apple fritter bread, homemade jams and so much more!

It was just the best day!

So thankful to you dear LORD for these blessed family times!


Sally-Girl! said...

We have Apple Hill about 30 minutes from our home that is our treat to go to several times in the fall. We look forward to it especially as summer nears an end. However, we are still experiencing triple digit days, so I refuse to go to Apple Hill until it feels like fall!!!

Love seeing all the photos! Love seeing my boy Luke!!!

Miss you too dear friend!! am seriously thinking you and hubby need a weekend break before your BIGGEST trip to China yet! Come to San Fran and we can have dinner!!! Okay, go book your tickets, just not the weekend of the wedding!!!

Jen said...

What a truly wonderful day!! I love those days too! They carry me through those tough ones! : )

Sarah said...

It looks like a beautiful day! So much fun with your sweet darlins!

Emily said...

A visit to the apple orchard is the highlight of my children's fall, too! We went last Friday, and I need to do my post. You've inspired me to get busy!

We had one year at our apple farm where we weren't able to pick apples either. But it was still lots of fun!

And for me, visiting the store and bringing home all kinds of apple goodies is one of the highlights!


Karin said...

Wow...that is quite an impressive apple orchard! So cute to see your kids having so much fun. :)

Shay Ankerich said...

Such a beautiful day for your family!!! I wanted to ask if you would email me so I could ask a few questions about adopting more than one at a time. We just received our LOAs for both and waiting to travel. Thank you for your help!!!
Blessings and love!

Stephanie said...

That looks like such a fun place!