Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Ready!

We have been busy getting ready for the new girls!

Trying on winter jackets is part of that!

Sam is bigger than Anna but smaller than Ava, which means he is the closest to Melissa's size. I am hoping this size 7 winter jacket will work for her! (It was Ava's last year.)

She seems quite petite- I hope she doesn't swim in it?
Our Missy just turned 7 last weekend.
She is 45 inches and 43 lbs. (we think?).

I think she will look adorable in pink!

Mia is the one that will be hard to plan for???
She is now 11 but everyone that has met her finds that hard to believe.
As I look at the pictures I wonder if the measurements we have are even accurate?
These children are her peers. Mia was 10.5 in the pic and Kendal- the girl in the pink was 12.5 yrs and considered small for her age.

Many of Mia's friends have been adopted. I hope seeing them leave will help prepare her for her new family (which would be us)!

Thanks Sam, for helping out and having a good sense of humor!


Sarah said...

Sam, you are such a good sport!!

Vicky said...

Real men wear pink! Sam is so cute!

Ann said...

It's possible your 11 yo dd has a miscalculated age. We aged down both our girls from China and have no regrets, especially since they fit in so much better socially and educationally at younger ages (not to mention physically). There are many reasons a birth year might be wrong--especially in older kids when records were not kept as accurately as they are today.

I agree that real men wear pink!

Gloria W said...

Wish I could help

Debbie said...

Do you know Mia's measurements? She looks the same size as Hope (Hope comes up to Maggie's chin). when we brought Hope home 3 months ago, she was 54 inches and 50 pounds. She's in a size 6x pants and 10/12 tops. She can wear some 7/8 tops but they can be snug. It all depends on the shirt. Be sure to find pants with the adjustable waist. We have to use that for Hope (and for Maggie).
Maggie was 56.75 inches and 71 pounds.
I hope this helps. :-)

xiushangirl said...

Jean, What are the latest measurements you have for her? My girl is only 6 1/2 and she is consistently on the bottom of the growth chart. We are sure of her age as we got her as an infant and it could only be off by a week or two at the most. Let us know so we can guess.

Annie said...

AW, Sam looks great in pink:)

Mama Ds Dozen said...

A few weeks before we were to travel to Ghana, we finally got measurements of our girls. We then measured our two youngest boys at home, and EVERY SINGLE MEASUREMENT was within 1/2" of the girls.

Sooo ... we tried on all of the girls clothes on the boys (even little skirts) to make sure that the clothes we travelled with would fit when we got there.

Our boys laughed and laughed. They were GREAT sports about the whole thing.

The orphanage had changed our girls' ages . . . each girl is at least 2-3 years older than the orphanage-created birth certificate. But . . . it put the youngest girl 6 months older than our youngest boy, and the next oldest girl just 17 months older than our next boy. It was fun to "twin" them, especially since they were truly the EXACT SAME SIZES.

Blessings to you and the gang.

Laurel :)

Have you visited my new blog:
I'd love to have you do a guest post sometime, since you are definitely a "mentor mom" as well. :)