Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

The day before thanksgiving was Hubby and our oldest son Matt's birthday!
Our Matt is in Colorado so we could not spend the day with him.
What a blessed day it was to have our first child born on Hubby's birthday!
Since Thanksgiving was the next day we chose to celebrate it when everyone would be together (at least everyone that was in MN that is!)

The younger children and I had lunch with Daddy!
(The sun was very bright. It was a gorgeous day!)

Abby was supposed to have her back pack off on Wednesday but her medication did not infuse ;-(
It was a bit of a malfunction.
She carried around her pack with a full liter of fluid for two long days...
it wasn't until the nurse came to de-access her that we found it was still FULL.
I should have checked it...
lesson learned!

She is still such a trooper! She never complains about it!
We even washed her hair and had her take a tub bath with it on!
The tub only had about 3 inches of water, but she was thrilled!

I can't believe I forgot to take pics of the Thanksgiving Turkey and the table- my bad...

It was just us for the holiday but the little children were able to sit around the BIG table
(instead of the counter)
they loved it!

We sent the children(the bigs and the littles) DOWNSTAIRS because they got quite active.
This is NOT a good example of the activity level that we experienced!

This, on the other hand, is a better example!

The birthday boy and the children!

A more relaxed pic!

Our 6 yr olds and the big bros!

Daddy received many many many cards!

The blessings are abundant!

these two aren't feeling the love right now!
(let me in!)

It was a Blessed Thanksgiving!
A very casual day.
We took a walk in the early afternoon.
The children played outside.
Then a cold front came in and we hunkered down inside!
We even had some big beautiful snowflakes!

Kelly's sister, Jenna came over. 
The children loved playing with her... or would that be on her!

The Momma and Babba of this very large crew!
You never know when your going to need a pic of the parents ;-)

We feel so very blessed!
You are so blessed, too!
Please share with me some of your blessings!

God is so good!

It's all about attitude. 
It's all about thankfulness. 
It's all about just seeing the blessings!
We ALL are so blessed!



Wendy said...

What a wonderful day you had! You are is about the attitude. I am so thankful my marine son could be home for Thanksgiving. He even included me in his traditional black friday shopping event which now includes his girlfriend. I am so blessed. Everyone keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. That is peace so my son does not need to go to war...and the fact the my family will be under one roof will be all I ever want or need. Family time is such a wonderful time for us. God bless your family and keep them safe.

Karen said...

My first born (a son) was also born on my husband's birthday! But it's not for a couple more weeks, so we didn't celebrate while everyone was together for Thanksgiving. But the thought did cross my mind!

Jennifer P said...

Just looking at your pictures made me feel relaxed. Looks like it was a fun day at your house. I love what you said about attitude and thankfulness. We are blessed. Blessed indeed.

Mammy said...

We met briefly at Lucy's in late March 2011 when I was with my daughter adopting, Lilly. tonight I sat on the floor in my bathroom as Lilly, 4 and her cousin, Ella, also 4, played in the bathtub. Lilly was just giggling uncontrollably as Ella poured water on her...such a sweet sound of laughter between two sweet precious gifts from our Heavenly Father. Lilly hated the bath time in China. Prayers for you and your family as you prepare to travel again...

Sarah said...

What great photos!

Sarah said...

Hi Jean,
We are back from China with Gabriel and Seth. Thank you for sharing God's goodness and grace in your lives. His grace is written all over your story.
My 2 cents on Mia's birthdate is that I wouldn't hesitate to change the date especially if all those unknowns you mentioned are there. I have a tiny one from Kazakhstan with pituitary dwarfism. She gets growth hormone shots every day. I wish we could change her DOB but hers is well documented.
Held fast,
Sarah Risley