Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Need of a Christmas Plan and Gift Ideas!

We have been thinking about Christmas lately...
Trying to develop a plan that includes minimal gifts and lots of thankful, joyful little hearts.

We are thinking of two gifts per child- for the littles...
And then one simple thing for the bigs... 

We really have everything we need.
God's blessings are so abundant.
We have seen miracles in our home since opening our hearts and minds to the Lord.
Children healed, patience gained, little hearts opening to Jesus, a new language acquired by many, daily lessons learned of what it means to be in a family, abundant hugs, kisses and I love you's! 
We even look back and can see God's handy work in our lives in the past but often we were too busy with twaddle(Charlotte Mason's term for things that are/were very unimportant) to really SEE all that HE was doing...

I have asked the children what they want.
That is "kind of" a mistake.
First the wanted Build * Bear stuff.
I think that was because we got Mia, Missy and Maddie a bear and an outfit for China.

Then they wanted toys from our little shoes store.
I think that is because we got new winter shoes for some of the children and for Mia, Missy and Maddie.

Then they wanted a Dream L*ght or a P*llow Pal because they saw it on TV...

It is hard for them to understand that we cannot get 8 Dream L*ghts and 8 P*llow Pals.

I'm a little confused?
I want this blessed holiday to be joyful, 
but I don't want to spend much time shopping and blow the budget.

We do want 2 gifts per younger child.

Any ideas anyone?
What are you getting your kiddos?

Can you share some of your holiday plans?

How are you focusing on Jesus this holiday season?

Thank you for your HELP! 


Debbie said...

We are only doing two gifts this year for the young kids as well and money for the older kids because they really need it! I have bought stuff during the year when they mentioned they like it. I usually order it immediately from Amazon when they mention it and I keep it hidden through the year. Mia is getting a talking Woody from Toy Story because she loves that movie. She is also getting a jewelry box with a spinning ballerina because she saw one at a friend's house and fell in love with it. Anna is getting a talking puzzle and some books. Both girls will get an ornament, toothbrush and hair bow in their stocking. They already got presents from their older siblings. I will continue the tradition I did with the older kids and take Mia out to buy a gift for Daddy and Anna and have a mom and me dinner.

Sally-Girl! said...

We are focusing on Jesus by using our Advent Tin prior to Christmas!!!

We are getting our littles four gifts each; something to wear, something to read, something they want and something they need. This gives them each four things to open; three of which they need and one is for fun but they will be thrilled with all four gifts each.

So this is what the four gifts look like for Bryson:
want: video game
need: sweat jacket
read: origami book
wear: crocs

Did this last year and don't regret it at all!!!

Older kids are all getting a gift card to someplace appropriate for them and some homemade treats!

likeschocolate said...

I have a friend who does three gifts just like Jesus got. Each of the gift represent something, One is spiritual, One is a want, and one is a need. My oldest we are getting a pair of new Boy Scout pants and getting his belt from his black belt embroidered with his name and rank. My 5 year old wanted a Batman cave for 2 years. The baby is getting some books. The 10 year old wants a new XBOX game. Hope you can figure out what to do!

anyabar1987 said...

If you would like my sister has come with the idea of for our extended family and friends and maybe you can do something similar,

for the younger members we are giving melted crayons that spell out each of thier names and for olders we are decorating coffee mugs to be personalized to each person.

She found both ideas on Pintrist

Angie said...

We generally do 3 gifts per child. Buckets of legos and board games are great because they're not too expensive, and they can be shared...as well as help with school skills (but don't tell the kids!). When December arrives, we always share an Advent calendar with chocolate candy inside, or they can make their own by rolling up m&ms inside saran wrap and tying ribbons in between each one so they can untie one per day. And we have a nativity that is plastic. I hide one character per day so that each child can find one (like in their shoe or coat). So many fun activities! You could also make small ornaments out of applesauce and cinnamon (hardens in a couple days) and hand them out to store workers, nursing homes, etc., wishing them a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I like games/toys that can be shared too.

1) Puzzles
2) Crafts
3) Doll House accessories - each child gets something that goes in the doll house, boys can get the car or truck
4) Card games

I purchased a "brain" pattern puzzle for Mia and a stencil kit from "Melissa and Doug". I'm also buying a Chinese small doll family for her dollhouse from a teacher's supply store.

We focus on Jesus when singing carols, reading stories, and baking. It all comes out in conversation.


Wendy said...

I try to not focus so much on the stuff of Christmas. Money for the older kids. For the younger kids, I am getting an Ipad mini. More than I would normally spend but won't get tossed in the corner either. This year we are doing a different kind of advent calendar. I have 24 small presents with for the younger children to have one each day. Not expensive things but little reminders of the holiday as well as needed items.
For myself, having my family under one roof (my roof) will be the best present God could provide.

Allie said...

Usually my family goes really small on gifts. There are only two of us (me and my sister) but we've gotten to the age where we don't NEED toys like when we were younger. This year we are getting iphone 5's but we are also using some birthday money to help pay. I'm guessing some small gifts as well, but usually we get one big gift that stands out, then small things in our stockings like candy or headphones, or something small like that. I know when I was younger we always got doll stuff, one year we got build a bears, and we always get clothes. And relatives usually ask us what we want as well, and we name some electronic accessory or something we KNOW we will use.

kippi said...

We usually try to do some sort of Advent celebration - even if it is only one day of the week with a special reading, lighting a candle and time together as a family. Sometimes we do cookies plates to give away or little breads.

For gifts I had all my big kids do an Amazon wish list - 17 and up. The littles 7 and 8 will be thrilled with anything - at that age it is just the fun of new stuff in a package to open. I set a $ amount and stick to it. Also, for little kids they see volume more than $ so it doesn't really matter if you spend the same amound on each one.
Probably one of the best memories is watching my children play with a little wooden nativity scene that someone gave us years ago. It is meant to be handled and it has been. I know some people hide one item and see if anyone notices what is missing and then they try to find it.

Liz said...

first to get Jesus as the reason, my MIL has done a special verse for each person that she's printed out, read out loud and then said a quick special prayer over each person. It makes you feel special and it's a true calm watching everyone else get their turn.

2nd...why don't you have each child draw a name and they get to "give" to that person a small $5 or $10 gift. You could take turns taking them in groups of 2 or 3 to shop at target. It would give some special mom time as well as get them excited to give to their BFFs!!! They can learn about shopping as well as wrapping and hopefully....keeping a secret!

So exciting! It just made me think I need to get my little ones into the shopping for their siblings.

miss you