Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Weekend!

Remember when I used to dress the children in really cute clothes!

Well, things have changed 
we are going for the uniform look nowadays!

Okay, just kidding!

I'm just happy that everyone has clothes on!

They all love to dress alike!
It's fun for them!
And, it works for me!

They played school while their Momma did this...

and this...

and this...
(all of THIS came from our closets, sorry no before pics, just couldn't bring myself to take them- it's something I want to forget ;-)

We have to have days like THIS!
Cause after bringing home 8 darlings and three more on the way!

THIS momma's closet was NOT looking good!

Even Katie had trouble finding things she wanted to confiscate from me!
I mean long term borrowing ;-0 !!

Don't get your hopes up. It looks much better now BUT not this good( or empty)!

I had to add a few(okay, maybe a lot of) things back in!

I think I'll look at this picture whenever I need that warm fuzzy organized everything is under control  feeling!

As for the children this weekend...
 They did just fine

We actually found the dress up clothes and they were thrilled!

And the spidies were exceptionally happy because as they pointed out...
we had way too many dress up clothes for girls!

Wow, gymnastics has really paid off!

okay... I still have work to do...

BUT, at least I can walk in and find something to wear in the morning!
(Middle shelf on the left- Wild Olive Tees!)

OH... your wondering about the summer clothes?
Hubby was kind enough to borrow me a few shelves!
(I love that guy!)
I will not be sharing pictures of his closet!
(It's clean too but I don't want any evidence of how many shelves I may have taken over rather he let me use!)


Jolene said...

How funny I am doing that exact same thing! But its the totes of clothes we've saved up of children's clothes...I have 4 bagfuls to donate. Feels so good to organize!

likeschocolate said...

Made me smile! Glad you were able to find time to clean your closet . Have a great weekend!

Shonni said...

Just did this...It IS NOT my favorite job, by a long shot. But I am grateful for the lady that Kalyn works for. She sent us some clothes for the girls, and that really helped out our “bare” spots.
Thank you Jesus!
The children look so cute sitting all together and I laughed at the child sitting on the table....LOL.