Friday, November 2, 2012

Potty Trained And Party Time!

Okay folks,
I've am very excited to finally be able to post this!
We are celebrating Luke being potty trained!

I didn't know it was going to take us 11 months (that's how long he's been home) but let me just say it was a pretty painless experience!
I like waiting until they are ready ready ready and then it is easy easy easy!
Our little big boy pretty much did it himself!
He wanted to be just like Sam and wear big boy underwear!!
Woot, Woot!!

With 2 open heart surgeries in his first 3 years of life, potty training wasn't exactly a high priority!
Instead, survival was at the top of the list!

The candies on this shirt glow in the dark!
It's pretty cute!

Our oldest is almost 29 and if we subtract the 9 years between our last birth child being out of diapers and adopting Anna we are totaling 20 years of diapers! I think I am ready to be done with diapers for awhile!

Until grandchildren arrive, that is!

Luke and Anna love playing with the cups! 
I'm not sure where he's planning to put that last one?

Okay, That is FUN!

Congratulation Luke!!
You are awesome and your Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!


Sarah said...

Good job, Luke!!!

Vicky said...

I agree with you . . . when they are ready to be potty is easy! How wonderful not to have to buy diapers!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AWESOME! Can he come help Joanna? ;)