Thursday, November 8, 2012

The blogging cycle...

I love blogging and I do not intend to stop but I just have to share what seems to be happening 

I wake up ;-)
I look for ward to blogging!
Cuz, I have somethin to say about somethin!
Blogging is like a scrap book and freelance writing all at the same time! 
It's my hobby!
So I do look forward to it!

I have been blessed(with many children) and sometimes reality gets in the way of my hobby.

After breakfast we try to get going on school, asap!
I always hope I can sneak out a post once I get them going BUT alas, that does not seem to be happening...

Then we have lunch. After that we finish up our school work and 


I think I will have a moment


my popularity has grown and darn it, 

 all these little people keep on talkin to me!
(the nerve)

And I have no choice BUT to answer back!

So, then I say

"OKAY, Mommy needs a moment to herself"

and then my moment is always filled with something else...
schedule planning, house chores, Dr appts, picking up
you name it!

As early evening comes along
I think
but the critters want a snack and I have to get dinner planned and and and...

So, I rest in knowing that I will have time in the evening!
(insert exhale)
BUT, wishful thinking!

Hubby comes home and the excitement starts all over again!
People eating dinner, everyone chattering away, big kids stopping by to figure out their lives, hubby and I trying to have a discussion, telephone calls ( 90% completely worthless calls) and bath time, bedtime

and then comes my moment...

I stare blankly at the computer and...
I don't have a single clear coherent thought...
I decide to go to bed!


I think I am going to hide in the pantry with my computer like I do when I am eating chocolate cake!


anyabar1987 said...

reading your post reminds me of a story i heard, one of the great evangelists, I forget who now, but it was said that as he grew up he had many siblings and all the children knew that when mom threw her apron over her head they did not bother her because she was having alone time with God.

Wendy said...

You are funny Jean. I am amazed you can blog as much as you do. I used to scrapbook. I was doing it so much that I realized I was not making memories because I was too busy scrapbooking previous memories. You are smart to enjoy your time with the kids.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness I could have written this! This is the story of my life!!! I have had one Wordless Wednesday post after another without any posts in between - LOL! Each night I determine to sit down and post and something always gets between me and the blog...or like you...I am just done and head to bed. Here's to all of us buys moms getting to our blogs tonight!! (actually, at least you got to it today!).

Janet said...

I'm right there with you. Don't worry, we'll keep checking back.
We have a MANDATORY rest time. Those who want to nap, do so, ones who can read do that. But everyone MUST stay in their spot until rest time is over. I couldn't stay sane without it.

nicole said...

i am also amazed with your abiality to blog. we do "rest time" and the littles sleep, middles listen to book on cd or read and bigs read or finish school. the kids ask when they are too old for rest time and i point out that many days i rest/nap and as long as they live in THIS house...the bigs often now retreat to their rooms before i tell them to curl up with a book. just a thought.

Jen said...

Too funny! Yup, that's pretty much what goes on here as well... except you blog WAY more than I get to. : )

Shonni said...

You have just described why I haven’t blogged for 2 weeks. LOL

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Boy do I know how this goes . . .

I have so very many blog posts written in my head, but they just don't seem to be making it to the computer.

You are BLESSED in your busyness!

Laurel :)