Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who's Missing?

Lately I have been asking the children-
"Okay, who's missing?"

I look around and quickly count to 8.

I guess we are all here?

I just feel that something is wrong, somebody is (or somebodies are) not with us?

And then I realize, it's our three waiting children that are missing.

I have been mentally preparing for the new and larger number!

I am ready to count to 11 (constantly) because that's what I'll be doing!

We are working hard to prepare for the children. Another set of bunk beds have been set up!
As soon as the rooms are in order I will post pics! 
And share with you our bedroom plans.

I am still contemplating how we are all going to eat at the same time/counter/table AND how I will be educating everyone.
I am not concerned about it.
I know God will reveal HIS plan and things will fall into place in time.

(I have heard that this little one is very thin - she looks so frail to me.
I cannot wait to love her and feed her!)

We are planning to order a new van, but we are not sure if it will get done before we travel to China.
I would love the sprinter but fitting into our garage, parking ramps (because we are often at Children's Hospital) and being able to get the van washed in our local car wash has taken precedence.

So a larger version of Vanna will be what we purchase.
They are making them safer and better quality now- which is good.

We have had a minor hitch these last couple days...

Our N*V*C cable was sent BUT I have had a very hard time getting them to send me the letter via email.

At first it was no problem BUT they only sent one of the three.

Then "I called back" and asked for the other two.
They said no, then yes- whew good!

BUT they never arrived so "I called again" and they said that I requested them to "mail" them to me, (that would be snail mail). I don't think so, but I then rephrased my request-
PLEASE EMAIL them to me asap!

and still nothing happened...
So "I called again" (are ya getting the theme) "I called again"
and they said
it was sent via email and may take 3-5 days to arrive in my email box.
At that point I thought I was going CRAZY...
REALLY, oh come on... Oh please...
I requested they be sent again.

After that last TALL TALE...

I had to "call again"...

 and they said they couldn't tell how it has been sent, either email or snail mail and the needed their supervisor to check on it
BUT the supervisor was in a meeting...

YES, it was obvious...
I could no longer handle this myself.
I finally gave it to GOD in PRAYER!

 delegated the calling to Hubby!

I'm just not a fast thinker and quick with words,
he is and with prayer this was a fitting job for him!

The letters arrived tonight via email!

And we are now in process for Article 5!



1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 reasons to praise the LORD


Vicky said...

I'm still praying for a quick TA and no delay with the CA! I can't wait to see these girls with your family!

Eileen said...

Can't wait to see those sweet girls in their loving home!!
On an unrelated note, my dentist hubby looked at Mia's picture and said that he would guess she has her first permanent molars as well because with the permanent teeth that are already visible in that picture, it would be strange to not have those molars. So maybe she has is just a petite 11??

Sarah said...

Woohoo!!! That's wonderful news! Yay to your hubby for straigtening things out.

Sally-Girl! said...

Maybe I need to fly out to Minnesota an old Vanna purchase!

Julie said...

Would love to know about "Yanna" - is that a make of car or your name for it? (our big van has a name lol). We have the large Ford 350 (12 seater) which is basic and roomy - but it doesn't fit into hospital parking garages and is a pain when we have had to go there for our daughter. The gas is horrible too...I'm always on the lookout for other options...

Jolene said...

I was just trying to remember who had Vanna today! We have a Nissan NV that we named Sylvia (she's silver, of course). Praying for everything to come together soon for you guys!

Shonni said...

Oh the joys of the paper chase....(NOT).
I can’t wait till you can finally count all your children together!

Shelby said...

So excited to see you FINALLY with your girls!!

Rebekah said...

Oh, it seems like there is always a hitch somewhere. Glad you got it straightened out. I can't believe yall are already awaiting Article 5! That is awesome! We were DTC this past week so are now awaiting LID. I guess Vanna is a 12 seater? We have a 12 seater in a 15 passenger body. We are now going to have to go to something with more seats when we bring our girls home. Not sure what. I love the Sprinters, but since they are so expensive I guess a 15 pass. is our option. Can't wait to hear you have TA! How wonderful that you should be there and back before CNY!

Jennifer P said...

Oh Jean! Your girls are truly beautiful. I love these pictures of them.

Vickie said...

Congratulations on finally making some progress on the paperwork. Being an adoptive mom myself.....paperwork paperwork paperwork.

We have 3 bio kids and 8 adopted kids and I'm like you....I keep counting but there are some missing I'm sure. The numbers aren't adding up right. All of our adoptions have come from the U.S. Foster system. We have to finalize on our 2 newest sons before preparing for more. I'm excited!! It is also exciting to see/meet like-minded families.

God's Blessings