Monday, December 10, 2012

Time Away!

Hubby and I are on a little vacation!
Just the two of us!
It is such a treat to spend time together!

The view out our window!

It just so happens to be snowing at home!
Last we heard they had 8 inches!
I am sure the children are loving it!

We have been taking long walks on the beach and enjoying conversation together!

I even started and finished a book!
"Proof of Heaven"- it was very good and I do recommend it!
Hubby is reading "Jesus of Nazareth" by Pope Benedict. An awesome book but complex.

Despite the partial overcast the sun peeked out as it set!
What a treat!

My lil old camera took all these pics and it was just seconds apart.
They all look so different.

There is something so glorious about a sunset over the ocean (or gulf)!

Thank you Jesus for this special time together!

Praising God!

The next day was sunny! More R and R and more walks!

Another sunset where God marveled us again!

Once home we will celebrate Christmas and prep for China (hopefully we will be going in mid January)!


Sarah said...

It's wonderful that you have this time together!

likeschocolate said...

So wonderful that you found the time to get away to recharge your batteries and be with one another. We so often forget to do that, but it is important for our children to see us do that!

Angie said...

Are you on Marco Island again?? While we're up here freezing our bottoms off!! Have a great vacation with your hubby!

Annie said...

Oh Jean!!!!! How wonderful! You SO deserve that!!!!

Jboo said...

So nice that you two could getaway together! Looks lovely and am betting that you are happy to be in the sun and away from snow for a little while! :)

Hanna said...

So wonderful to be away with just two of you. Beautiful photos of sunset and you with Jim :) :)

Sally-Girl! said...

So happy for you to get away!!! Definitely an important thing to do for your blessed marriage!!!

Robert and I just traded our timeshare and airmiles to Maui for our anniversary this summer!! We are so looking forward to it. Have no idea what we are doing with the kids, but figure it will all work out!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YEA!!! for time away together- enjoy!!!!!