Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Few of Our Favorite Things!

After Mark left we went out to eat at Oggi's- the Italian restaurant. The food is actually quite good IF you have to eat Italian in China ;-)

The kids gobbled up the spaghetti and pasta dishes we ordered. We needed a break from the usual Chinese food and this worked out well!

It is refreshing to have Katie with us! It helps us get through our last week in China and it just so happens that her military hubby is on a brief training while she is with us! Only God would have worked out the timing so perfectly!

As we finished dinner we noticed that it was raining outside. It wasn't a downpour but it was a steady rain...
Usually hubby would have gotten the car and picked us up at the door but that wasn't an option...
In fact there were no options.
Our only choice was to beeline it back to the hotel as quick as possible!
So we grabbed the children and made a run for it!

Who knew that running in the rain could make 4 children and 3 adults laugh so hard!
I had know idea it could be so much fun and by the looks on their sweet little faces they had NEVER run in the rain before!

The children LOVED it!
We loved it!

It was a bonding moment and we are so thankful that we had it!!

I wish I would have had a video of the event- it would have been priceless!
Now they(the children not the adults) are hoping it will rain again tonight!

When we got back to the hotel the children had a warm and cozy bath!

Until they discovered running in the rain, bath time had been their favorite time!

They all three hopped in the tub together! I help them with their hair and then they play!
Since Mia is a little older I did not take pics with her in the tub (someday you will thank me honey!)

These two are goofballs! They laugh and play all day long!
They are practicing YES and NO.
Usually they are saying NO to us!
Put on your sweatshirt- NO
Go to the bathroom- NO
Brush your teeth- NO
Stop jumping on the bed- NO
It's bath time- YES!!
Time to get out of the tub- NO
They eventually do what we ask but they are loving trying out the NO.

Today they did not want to wear their sweatshirts. So I put them on the floor of the Lobby (a pink little pile- about 4 hotel employees wanted to run over and pick them up but I said no) then we all walked away. Once they realized I didn't have them they ran back and put them on!
They thought it was very funny!
(I'm just glad it worked!)

Mia is doing really well! She seems very happy and she is a very good girl. I think she likes us!
She is smiling a lot and laughing with us!
I am actually surprised with the progress she is making while still in China!
extremely thankful!!

Since I am feeling better (thank you for your prayers) I am posting more often. The previous post is from today, too!


Karin said...

I can just picture you running through the rain with the kids--and them laughing. God is so good! And your attitude is good as well! It's a great thankful for rain, you never know the blessing it might bring. :)

Matilda Joyce said...

SO glad everyone is doing well! I have been praying for all of you and then throwing in a little extra for Mia. Keep the posts coming!!!!

Sarah said...

So fun! I love that Mia is doing so much better already!

Sally-Girl! said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE how things are all coming together in and out of the rain!! :-)

Can't wait to see more posts!!!

likeschocolate said...

How fun! What did the girls think of miss Katie? So happy to hear things are going much better with miss Mia!

crzy4myfam said...

Sounds magical...running and laughing in the rain! Beautiful pictures!