Thursday, January 31, 2013

DAY 21...

YAY!! We are done with our Consulate Appointment!
It went smoothly!!

Then it was off to the Botanical Gardens!  The children are pictured here with Selena!

We are excited to go home BUT we don't want to say Goodbye to Katie ; - (

The children LOVE ice cream treats!!

 This little one is a spiller! Every outfit has food on it!

The gardens were lovely BUT my mind is beginning to think of HOME!!

Almost all of our friends have left...
So the 14th floor is a bit more quiet than usual...

We had our guide talk to the children about going home and about what to expect at home. 
They listen intently and asked questions!

Here are a few of the families we traveled with!

It has been a joy having Sarah with us!
She is a great helper and loves to play with all of the children!

We went to the noodle place right next door! They were filming a piece on the homemade noodles for a Korean TV show.

The children loved watching all that was happening!

Mia is doing very well! And seems ready to fly to America!
Her voice is no longer a whisper- in fact she is very LOUD!
UPDATE- Total breakthrough! She wants her daddy to carry her AND toss her on the bed! She has come a LONG LONG way!!

The next thing you know we were part of the TV segment for Korean TV!

They talked to the children and filmed them eating the noodles!

It airs on March 8th!

Katie and I are going to do a little shopping with Ann of Red Threads now!
Can't wait!!
Update- we had a successful shopping trip! So glad we had Ann!! We would have gotten lost without her and she let us know when it was a fair price!

Tomorrow- we pack and tomorrow night we fly to the USA! 
GZ to LA!
Can't wait to have a cheeseburger!
(this may be the last post from China...


Rebecca said...

Blessings to you all as you prepare to fly home!!! Many prayers for a non-eventful trip!!!

Sarah said...

Ahhhhh....bless you as you travel back to the rest of your precious family!

Sally-Girl! said...

Love you so much my dear friend!!!!!

likeschocolate said...

Have a safe flight ! With all the children you have adopted from China they should allow you to adopt the next one for free!!!! :)
Can't wait to see the reunion! So excited for your family . Thank you for sharing your journey! Kelleyn

Hanna said...

Pray for your safe trip back to USA with your family. Thanks for sharing about your adventure with family in China.

Karen Twombly said...

I am so very happy for your family!! You are blessed indeed!
~Karen Twombly

Susan said...

Safe travels home! It was so nice meeting you and your family and playing in the garden together. We have been home a week now and most things are going well. A few small issues, but all perfectly normal. Claire can't wait for you to get home so she can call and chat with Sarah. They really made a "connection" and hopefully we can visit you all if we make a trip to Minnesota this summer!

Jennifer P said...

Jean, of course I've been following your trip each and every day. I can't imagine that any adoptive parent didn't wonder how it would be with three at the same time? Goodness, from Day one it was clear that these girls are YOUR daughters, meant to be part of your family. They just "fit" in every sense of the word. The smiles are precious and the girls are beautiful. What a blessing to give Sarah this experience of traveling and welcoming your new daughters. Thanks for all your China posts. I know you have encouraged others to adopt the least of these! :)

Jen said...

Safe travels! Wish we could have met up in LA! Maybe next time. ;-) Looking forward to seeing you all back home at last!

thesleepyknitter said...

Enjoying your posts so much1 So thankful that all is well!

Karin said...

Praying for a safe trip home--and that you get a cheeseburger shortly after landing. :) Mia looks SO much happier and more engaged with the family. So sweet to see that--and that she wanted to be in all the pictures. So awesome to watch the girls blossom and see how God put them all together!

Shelby said...

Yay!! Praying for your family!! I was just curious...What kind of questions were they asking about home?
Love your updates!!!