Monday, January 28, 2013

Girls + Shopping = Happiness

We went on a shopping trip with our group!
At first we looked at grown up things... we(the adults) liked it!
But the kids were dragging...


We got a few things for them!!
And then the fun began!

It's amazing what cheap sunglasses and watches can do for a girl when she is shopping!
Mia and Sarah got them too but didn't make the pic!

Nothing like getting a little something new to help with one's attitude!

Mia is so cute with her watch and sunglasses (she chose blue heart sunglasses and a purple watch)- I haven't been able to get a pic of her with them on. She is a 10yr old girl that still wants to play like a 7yr old but is too shy and insecure. 
Every once in a while we can get pics and then she once again shys away.

The night before the shopping trip I dreamed that someone was trying to sell me things I already had.
You see... sometime I don't even remember what I have and don't have... in fact I have bought a shirt for the kids at T*rget and then the next week bought the same shirt. (at least I always have an extra kiddo that can wear it). Kind crazy, I know but hey, I'm busy and may have lost track of a few things.

So I was careful with this shopping trip to TRY not to duplicate what we already have somewhere in our house!

Personally, I think it was a helpful message from God to be  cautious shopper and not waistful!
Hubby was not so sure- he thinks it a message to clean out my jewelry drawer and closet!

We had another luscious meal at McD's! Don't judge! I wish I would have bought their stock when they opened up in China! There is hardly a seat available! It's more popular here than at home. The girls all got an ice cream treat for dessert!

The streets really got crowded around midday. 
We had to hang onto our children so we did not loose them.

Right now they are having a fashion show with their sunglasses, in the other room!
Katie is getting the pics!
Can't wait to see them!
They are so cute and they are all doing so well!

And me? 
I am just so so thankful!


The Heald Family said...

Great glasses girls!
I am so glad Katie is there too.
How much fun to be with her also:)

Sarah said...

They are adorable!!! So fun!

Rebecca said...

When you get home I need a consultation on how in the world to home school 6 children!!! I keep telling myself that if you can home school 100, surely I can get myself together to teach 6! :)
Seriously though... So happy for you ALL!!!

kimjax said...

LOVE following you, Jean! You all are so much fun - the girls look like they're having a ball. :) Enjoy the GZ weather and safe travels home. Love the pics and understand the McD's taste of home, lol!

kimjax said...

One more thing - you're my only bloggy friend that packs more than I do, lol. Makes me feel streamlined with my 6 bags, haha!

Cari said...

Jean - I've really enjoyed following your trip. You guys are amazing! And by the way...McD's...I don't judge...I would be there myself :)

Karin said...

So funny how I never go to McD's at home but when I'm in China, I look forward to it any chance I get! :) You are making me miss CHina sooo much! So fun to see the girls in their sunglasses. :) They are adorable.

Sophie said...

great pictures, so sweet!

thesleepyknitter said...

Love reading your updates!

Wife of the Prez said...

You crack me up with your McD's (don't judge--no judgement from me!) and your shopping (buying the same thing?). Ha, ha, I've never done that! ;) It's called being a Mom of many! That's my excuse any way! ;)

You sound so much more upbeat. So glad things are going as well as they are. You all look AMAZING!!! How do you do that?! In China I mean?! I'm amazed at how great you are looking, and after being ill.

You go girl!!!! LOVING all the updates. Living vicariously through you a bit too! Missing China reading all of your posts and the pics of all the people--those really made me miss the place!

Here's to more happy days!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

I agree with Wife of the Prez! You all look great, and this is on week three (or is it four??!) Nothing like a pair of new sunglasses to boost the spirits of little girls. :)

Take care. Continuing to lift you all in prayer.

janet and gang

Anonymous said...

Your little girls are so adorable! They look so cute in those colorful sunglasses! They surely loved it! They had it in every picture. Haha! Anyway, I stopped by to compliment you on how well you share your blessings and love to these kids! Most people with more than enough wealth wouldn't even think of adopting.

Aiko Dumas